Letter To My Uterus

Honestly, if God intended to make a man the dominant species, he would of given you to him instead. Then all we'd be in charge of was gettting the man pregnant and making him feel high and mighty for being The Man that gives life. But its not like that and I'm stuck with you as a leech gets stuck to the skin. You do not understand, I really don't like you, I have no real porpuse for you right now since I'm not married nor have kids. In other words, you're just a pain in the *** to have, and if it were up to me, Man would carry you around instead. Yes, you do help me become the ***** I am, and feel high and mighty for making Man marvel at the wonders you do, but you don't work with me. If you were nicer to my body, I'd be forever grateful. Think about that, I'd save money.

ladyblue13 ladyblue13
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010