And I Have Another Thing To

This is another reason as to why I hate my period so much, and it's actually extremely embarrassing. A few little stories here. So here we go:


In July of 2008, about 4 months after my first, I still wasn't totally used to it. I mean, by then I kinda knew a bit more, but it still beat me at times. Anyway, I even remember the date! It was July 18, 2008. My friends were coming over and I felt pretty crappy in the morning, but I didn't sart just then. Finally, I feel a pretty bad cramp, and go to the bathroom to realize that much to my dismay it came. I was in there so long, just silently complaining to myself, that my mom actually asked me if I was okay. She then was like "Did you get your period again?" and I'm thinking, did you really need to ask? lol! So I ended up lying, saying no, because I really wanted to go swimming that day like we'd been planning originally. It wasn't heavy anyway, so I figured I could get by with it. NOT! When they all came over, I quickly changed into my ORANGE AND WHITE bikini. That was stupid. REAL stupid lol! So after swimming awhile, I looked to to see a red patch kinda...introding the white parts, along with of course the orange ones of the bikini. I tried to hide it, by just closing my legs. It wasn't long before I couldn't, and it sucked. Soon it started dripping down my leg, but I was like technically in the bathroom so it was okay. Finally, after we ALL changed, I ended up sleeping over at my friend's house that night. With all the cramping I went through, you would've thought I was giving birth or!

During that SAME period the very next day, my cousin came over. And judging by yesterday's experience, I did NOT want to go swimming that day, although my cousin seriously did. I was just too paranoid, and I didn't feel like telling her why. She's two years younger than me, and I guess that seemed like a lot to me back then lol! She was only 10 lol. I also happened to be wearing WHITE shorts that day. How STUPID was I that week lol? Anyway, we were just hanging out downstairs, and I was sitting on a blue plastic chair, and when I started feeling wet, I panicked. When my cousin started talking to someone else, I got up and saw my blood on the chair! I quickly excused myself to the bathroom, and it was all over the butt of my white shorts too! So, I had to change shorts, my pad, my underwear, everything lol! My excuse for changing shorts was "The other ones kept falling down." which wasn't totally a lie. They WERE getting annoying lol! I ended up telling my cousin two years after this happened, which would be this year, and she just cracked up and couldn't believe she never knew what was going on that whole time lol! We had a good laugh, but that doesn't make me like my period any more lol! That November, I had it for 12 days, heavy as heck. THANK goodness that never happened again!

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lol I appreciate the sympathy! I've only had it for two years and have already been through all this crap!

haha you poor thing!