The Big Red Suprise

I hate my periods. I was 18 when this happened. I just turned 19 three weeks ago. I've had the same boyfriend since 7th grade. He never really pressured me to have sex with him and I was against it so we decided our first time would be after we graduate highschool. Well, were so busy filling out college applications and doing our jobs that we never had time for each other anymore. One night (it was a Friday) he called me over and we watched a few movies. By this time we were making out and getting a little hot and heavy on the sofa. After the romantic movies and passionate, hot kissing and cuddling we both decided to have sex and at first it kinda hurt cuz' I was a virgin. Anyhow the time sorta flew by after a while and we ended up doing it for like three hours and it was great being the first time and all and after I had to go pee so bad and afterwards we took a long hot bath together. It was so late that I just spent the night there with him. When I woke up in the morning to my dismay I was covered in blood. I had started my period. I immediately rushed to the bathroom. He woke up a minute later (his alarm went off) and noticed blood (my period) all over his sheets so he put them in the washer. Also, I guess there was a huge spot on his mattress. The whole time he is dealing with my mess he has to take a massive **** and knocked on the door and he's like babe are you alright let me in I gotta **** I was on his toilet the whole time cuz I didn't have any tampons or pads. He asked me what was wrong why I wouldn't come out of the bathroom and I was crying by now. He got the key to his bathroom door, unlocked it and I told him my problem, no feminine hygiene products (I wasn't expecting to start for at least another two weeks) Anyhow I take a shower cuz i'm so icky from my Aunt Flow and he went to the store and bought some tampons for me cuz I desperately needed them. He didn't even know what kind to get, there are so many choices now-a-days and had to seek advise from an employee who works there. He also had to stand in a long line and the cashier gave him a hard time about it. When he came home he handed me my stuff and said he had a job interview. He was 15 minutes late and it's all my fault he didn't get the job. I felt so bad and embarassed, but he's a great guy who handled my girl situation with compassion and were still together, but now I keep an extra box of tampons on hand and wear a pantiliner if I think i'm gonna start. Usually I never have that problem and know when it's coming because I get cramps and have never been irregular. Damn, that sucked. Luckily I have a wonderful bf, but I still slightly wanted to crawl in a hole and die !!!

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Yes,after you first time. He seeing your time of the mounth,and doing all that embaring buying at the drugstore. He sure loves you,he a great guy from what you decribe.

I love it when a woman starts... love the taste of ***** blood.

Thanks luangi

Yeah I agree with you Slutslider, most guys probably would totally freak. I suppose you call it natural. I definately wouldv'e cried as well, but am glad you both are still together!

Wow. that really sucks!! Glad to hear your boyfriend was nice about it though. Most guys would freak out. I would have probably cried too. That must have been horrible.