Never Know When

I always had problems with this thing. I was 11 when I first had it. And didn't want to stop! I was bleeding for 2 weeks and i had to go to the hospital. I was among adults as a child. They didn't want to believe that I am so young when they asked how old I am. They were pregnant at risk and so. And when there was a visit, I had to show my panties to the doctor. It was so bad, beause I was a very shy girl.

It was never orderly. I always had months off and I hated it that I never know when it will begin. I went to the doctors many times but they couldn't do anything about it. Only the anti-baby made it regular.

Since last April I hate it because it means that we try in vain to start a new chapter in our life with my husband. I have it again. :-(((
dreamygirl dreamygirl
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1 Response Aug 21, 2007

Don't worry sweetie, always look on the bright side of life. There has to be somebody worse off than you. I started mine when I was 8 and a half, I thought I'd cut myself or something! No one really expected me to start that soon. My first ones lasted FOREVER but thankfully, no hospital for me. I never mentioned it. But, anyway, just remember you got it good no matter what.