My first experience with a real estate firm was not encouraging. They followed every taught method in the book.First they praised the porperty, then after I'd listed they started the conditioning process, telling me exactly how low the median prices were and how I couldn't possible expect any more than that, despite the fact that my property is unique to the area and can't be compared with the usual property for sale here. Finally after trying to get me to sell at ridiculously low prices, they tried to line up a government buyer, adn had them come and inspect the property. They spent four hours looking and measured every inch of house and yard.I was then told by the agents that a valuer would come to do a final valuation before the offer was made. Well, I waited four weeks and nothing happened, despite being told repeatedly by the agent that the valuer had been delayed but was certainly coming. I then rang the govt department concerned and they told me that no valuer was coming, they didn't have the budget to buy my property, and that had been known weeks ago.So the agents had been lying to me all along in order to keep the listing.
I have a new agent now but he doesn't seem to do anything, has listed it on the internet and sits on his fat butt in his office waiting for buyers.So I have started to do some marketing myself. You can't trust any of them.
eclair1 eclair1
Jul 26, 2010