I Have No Clue What To Do :'(

to let you know first hand i am pithetick and cant keep going like this any more.. i am a 16 year old male as of april 1 in two months and i am daiting mi girfriend who is 14. ik before eany one of you say well you shouldint be daiting your too young f*** off that doesent help me at all that is just unnessisary criticisem. We have been daiting for a year and in the beginigh were in verry verry strong love, obsessing over eachother constantly. she had alot of problems that i really fealt bad about and since i am anominous i can say she was raped two times by two randome people and then a cupple times bye her female cuzzen, her mom beats her and jokes about it and her dad threttens to rape her witch is just him being a **** becous when she tryed to tell him he said it wasent funny to lie and then presisted to harass her about it. up to about 3 or 4 months ago i caired but now i cant se her anymore all i see is a rape victome and a sob storry, i know i am a scumbag  but i just cant take it eany more for a year and a half everyday i see her drilling her problems into mi head. witch wasent a problem at first but after a while i just feal like a theripist that she wants to ****... i never wanted to tho she takes out all horney ness on me ad it feals like rape but if i say no all i feal is guilt cuz she makes me feal bad. i feal like a peas of meat i litarly have bruzes and scraches on mi back neck and mi penis is always soar. i cant even injoy it eany more... i love her but i just cant be with her eany more. im neglected not only that but she makes me feal guilty for not spending time with her so i never se friends or spend time alone also when ever i go home i have to call her and every time i try to break up with her i just cant do it i just dont have the heart to heart someone like that.. i just feal so alone and have no one to be happy with eany more its gon to the point to were i feal like killing miself just so i dont have to break up with her.. pleas if eanyone cairs pleas give me some advice i need healp despritly and not eanyone saying ur to young becous ik that already 
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You are quite young to take all this upon yourself. May encourage your girlfriend to see a therapist? And may be take to her in a kind manner on how you feel?