Maybe Not Hate, Exactly...

I am frustrated with the constant negativity. He is an *******. Says he isn't anymore. He seems to find more faults with me than positives. I don't like the way he treats all 7 kids. He always thinks I am what I am not, and not what I am.

he sais he loves me dearly. but why? convenience? was I simply the best option at the time? were all the other girls too fat? too skiny? to tall? too short??

I am a brat. I am playful. I like to argue, if for no other reason than to challenge your way of thinking. I will argue the other side wether i agree with it or not, just to enable everyone to see the big picture.I can be bitchy, but i am not a *****. I am happy, friendly, and social. just because i smile at someone or think they are cute, does NOT mean i want to **** them! I am quiet, I love to sing and dance, I love to talk. I need attention, I need to be noticed. He hates all of this about me. says I am childish and to be quiet.

I WILL NOT CHANGE WHO I AM FOR ANYONE! I tried that before, it landed me in the hospital.
take me as I am, or leave
let me be myself, or leave
love me for me, or this can't be.

MaliceMei MaliceMei
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Be yourself and be happy. Too many try to be who they are not and are very unhappy. And for someone who will not appreciate it anyway? It makes no sense. Be you! :-)

Ehh you sound like a b.itch to me : )

very well said