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i live with my boyfriend (who i'm great with), and two med students: my good friend and another guy...the only wone who i really hate is the other guy...he think's hes the best thing in the world because he is a med student, and think's he's better than me because i haven't been to college yet...even his girlfriend who comes over now is obnoxious...she looks JUST LIKE HIM and is a big *****...grrr...i want to move but we can't afford anything else right now 
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2007

we moved ..this story was a while ago..and my boyfriend who is now my fiance protected me from him, but he was relentless...it's ok though, we moved a few months after i wrote this story originally and we are now looking to buy our first home :)

You need to explore any alternatives you can find to get moved. The constant putdowns are not helping your self esteem. If BF won't defend you somewhat, then you are in the wrong relationship......