My Roommate Is A *****!

Ok so I have had horrible roommates one after another and this one probably ****** me off the most because I thought I could like her and hang out with her but then I realize that she's a huge manipulating ***** that hides behind this naive facade.

She's a huge *****, first of all. The fact that even before moving in she had slept with almost 60 men and 2 women and was only 20 years old was disgusting but it wasn't any of my business...until I find out that my apartment was going to be turned into her personal sleazy motel! over the course of this year I'm sure she's in the 80s by now because I would see a different guy in here pretty much every other day! And then she's so loud! And I'm not saying she talks loud, either. Me and my boyfriend were studying in his room (he's our 3rd roomie) with some techno music on and we think the song has a woman screaming in the background and we sort of look at each other confused, then the song ends and find out it's not the music, it's HER! And this wasn't just moaning or anything, this was full blown screaming! And this was while midterms were going on!

And the guys she would bring are some of the creepiest people I've ever seen, like Walmart at 3 in the morning creepy. Then she started actually dating this one guy for maybe 3 months, cheats on him ON HIS BIRTHDAY and somehow convinces the guy and tries to convince me and my boyfriend (since we heard when she was cheating multiple times, obviously) that it was his fault. Seriously!? That's the manipulative part about her. Plus that guy she was cheating with was staying in our apartment for a week.

Every time I leave to visit my parents she's constantly texting me asking when I'm coming back like she's doing something she knows she shouldn't be. At first I thought maybe she was just lonely until I started showing up unannounced. I come home one day after visiting my parents for a week and there's some strange guy wondering around in the apartment! Before I can even ask who he is he's saying my roommate had left her keys with him and went to the store then was out the door! No one besides this weirdo was there and being a girl coming home to some strange guy in the house is very scary! When I questioned her she used the excuse that my boyfriend met him once and thought I met him too. Seriously? Just because I may have met him once doesn't mean he's trustworthy! Before that, all of the furniture in the living room (which all belongs to me) was mysteriously pushed against one wall. I text her asking what happened and her response was "oh, I'm coming home now, I'll fix it", dodging my question. Now I'm away again and she has TOLD me to call her when I'm coming home so I don't "scare her". Really? I live there, my name is on the lease and I've lived here longer than her, I don't have to tell you when I'm going to MY place.

On top of all this she's so messy! She always says how she likes cleaning but she has never cleaned the living room or the kitchen not counting washing dishes, which she might do about once a month and never even wipes off the counters around the sink which would take 10 seconds. If me or my boyfriend cleans I can count on her messing it up within the next 24 hours. It's like she doesn't know what a garbage can is because she always leaves empty food wrappers, cans, jars, anything literally 2 steps from the garbage can and it will stay there until me or my boyfriend throw it in the trash. She also can't manage to put dishes in the sink, she stacks them AROUND the sink. I have only have a week and a half left in this place with her and since two months ago I completely stopped cleaning after her and the apartment looks like **** but I'm not doing this anymore.

Then her latest faux pas was concerning the electric bill. My boyfriend had an internship in DC for about a month and a half and my parents asked me to stay with them since they are terrified about the seedy characters I tell them about that my roommate brings home and me being there alone. So I have been gone since mid June and my boyfriend has been gone for slightly longer. Neither of us are accounted for on the electric bill at all and the charges reflected what seems like a full house, $206! So I asked her to split it 50/50, which is more than fair, along with her third of the cable coming to $140 because we hadn't been home at all and it was only $35 more than what she would have paid if we were home. She says "I can only afford my share" even though most of the time her parents usually pay for her bills anyway. HER SHARE? The whole thing is her share! I then explain to her how everything on the bill reflects her usage and paying half, again, is more than fair. Her response is "I'll have a check for $105 when y'all return".

It just hurts so much more because I really wanted to like this girl and be able to see her as a good friend but she proved to be manipulative, disrespectful to the apartment, and irresponsible. She has put us in potential danger with the people she has brought home over this year and has turned what was a home into the most uncomfortable place to live, adding more stress to my life, which annoys me more considering this was my first year in grad school and I was going through a tough transition as it is. I'm a laid back person and a homebody and so is my boyfriend and we had to endure this screaming, messy, inconsiderate pig ruining the comfort level. I can't wait to shed about 160 pounds of useless weight known as Krista.
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My sister's a wh*re but I just let it slide.

The furniture mysteriously pushed against one wall?? Scary!!! Did you ever find out why?

Nope never found out why. I had also came home to bits of dried wax all over the floor which she never explained. I don't care if people sleep around, personally that's not my thing. It's a different story though when she's bringing these people to our place all the time, leaving them there alone, and keeping us up at night with all her noise. Me and my boyfriend have been out of there for over a year and got a 2 bedroom apartment and it was the best idea ever. Even though I had the stress of grad school I was so relaxed!

"The House Of Wax" is a movie where everyone there is dead because they've been turned into wax figures! I'm glad that things are going well for you! You sound like you deserve it! She was one hell of a SOB if you ask me!!! ♥ She sounds like my mad, sleep-around, I-won't-tell-you-what- the-hell-I've-been-up-to-this-weekend, secretive sister! Good luck!