She Is Everywere!annnnnnnoying!like Hell!

i don't generally hate people i try n't to because i to would n't like someone bashing how much they hate me am only human,so i guess she is only human,she is a random roommate that i just got put with,i just want to remove all this bottle up bitterness i have,okay she is cooler than me,it's all about how many friends you have,how active is your facebook,she just wants to know my personal life,i try so hard to hide stuff about myself because she does n't know me that much,it's my first year together with her as a roommate but i dispice her she is a social junky all that am n't she is i get irritated by her so easily she is so fake i think she could even get an oscar for the best actress,she talks about me on the phone when am right there and she says all shity stuff,i just wish i could take the damn phone and hit her with it,i believe she is so focused on my life she wants to know every single person i know and she does and well they end up liking her,she wants to be on every social networking site that am on or she would just ask me can i go on your skype to chat with your friends,at first when i met her i thought she was cool and okay but she started getting on my nerves her evil laugh just annoys the hell out of me makes my stomach sick and makes my heart beat so fast i would think i was running a marathon,i wish she would choke,am a very quiet chilled person who likes been alone most of my time and she somehow gets this shity idea from her head that am lonely and am n't ,we do have our good times though we chat and she always reveals everything about her life and all the stories of her cool friends,she always has something to tell thats what makes her interesting but i forget at times an i tell her my secrets forgetting that she would go out and tell her friends it always comes back to bite me,i just don't get why people always talk about me when am right there and i always act as if i did n't hear anything,i blame myself for telling her my darkest secrets she just has a way with people and i just fall for those traps i just hate her attitude and her fakeness smiling at me acting as if i was stupid and she was the chosen one.
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hi thanks for trying to understand i wrote this 2months ago and i still stay with her i have 5months left to stay with her and its always a ride with her.

i dont mean to intrude... but i really like how you write... and i feel somewhere down the line, i ve had these experience so i can understand the bottled up frustration...