My Roommate Is A Spoiled Brat Whose Father Owns The House.

I can't stand my roommate because she never has to do anything for herself, is in my personal business, and literally has no financial responsibility, except for gas. And according to her "gas is soo expensive" (which I guess I didn't know?) which is probably why she always asks if we can take my car (which is fine every other time, but not EVERY time! And which I also say no to her about). Her dad lets her live rent free in the house he bought "for her" (which is what a mutual friend told me she (let's just call her Ashley) told her). I confronted her out of curiosity and never got an answer. Also, her parents deposit money into her account to pay bills with, and bring her back new clothes from vacations. This girl is 20. Does this sound anything like a little game called 'playing house' we all used to play when we were about 4 or 5?? Anywho, She also does not respect my space: I found her on MY bed, going through MY things once when I got out of the shower. I've talked to her about personal space, but I don't think she gets it. And too, I have to practically beg her to do her chores- empty garbage, do dishes- so that I don't always have to do them.
Sorry for such a lone vent, but it really helps to get out of my system. Anyway, I believe I know what I am going to do (what I want to do, anyway :)). I'm gonna move back in with my grandparents, save some money up, and pursue a job at a ski lodge, because I feel so pumped up about it whenever I think about it!
Whew! If anyone feels the same or has something to say about this, please post, because I'd love to hear it! Thanks!!! :)
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I live on campus and I got pairedu up with a girl I met in a suprem summer program. She was really cool, so I thought we'd get along great for fall semester. I was mistaken! She is such a pig! Her side of the room looks like the junk yard and it's embarrassing even I have company. She leaves hair in and on the sink and in the shower.

I understand that different people listen to different kinds of music, and that I don't mind. What I do mind is her coming in and blasting her music over the music I already have playing. It's the most disrespectful and inconsiderate thing I've ever had to experience. I don't mind her listening to it without headphones every now and then, but she is completely rude with it.

She brings people in at all times of the day. I don't mind visitors, but don't bring people while I'm trying to take a nap or I'm sleeping. There was one night she bought back a group of ten or more people to our room and not only didn't she let me know, I want properly dressed for company. I'm always respectful and quiet when she's sleeping or when she has company, but she is always do inconsiderate!

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