Not Finals Week!

After reading some of the other roommate stories, this seems incredibly mild. But it's just one of those things I gotta complain about. So, yeah, last week of school; FINALS week.You know, the week where your social life all but disappears and you become intimate friends with that 2000 page Brit Lit. book. Because you're about to take exams that you really ought to pass because the school raised tuition again and you need to keep your GPA up in order to keep that scholarship that allows to keep attending school. It's Finals Week; I believe we're all on the same page now.
Well, my lovely roommate decided to offend one of our friends and the two ended up having the mother of all our room...while I was trying to study. My roommate, who from my perspective was entirely at fault, decides to end their friendship right then and there and storms out of the room leaving me with damage control. Ok, no problem. My roommate, later on the night, proceeds to call me a "backstabbing *****" since I didn't take her side and banned me from the room until she had finished her finals. I spent four nights living in the lobby of my dorm and sleeping in random rooms. By the end of the week, when I finally go back to start packing up my things, my roommate tells me that I've "been distant this last week" and she's concerned because she thinks "there might be something wrong." I'm not the one who went all crazy. She has always slighted my religion, made fun of everyone's beliefs, and takes particular pride in making people feel inferior. And I can put up with most of it because I really don't like conflict and I want to be a good influence on her. But so help me, if I failed a single final, I'll...well, I probably won't do anything. Someone should think of a suitable (legal) threat I can make! But seriously, Finals Week is probably one of the most stressful weeks of college. You just don't do that!
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Look on the bright side! I'm getting an apartment with no roommate once I move to the college I am transferring to so I won't have to deal with any of this.<br />
<br />
I like that bright side :D :D :D

...Lol. So when I'm ready to hit her next year, I just have to keep telling myself that you have an apartment with no roommate. Yup! It's already brightened up my mood XD
I sincerely hope that you get stuck living with someone you can't stand one day.

As long as when you hit her it involves bikinis and either mud or whip cream your welcome to think of me while you do so :)

I'll save you the trouble of having to say it by saying it for you lol.

"Ugh! Men are such pigs!"