Truly Hate My Roommate

i hate my roommate,i can stand,sometimes i wish she would just pack everything up and move the **** out and live with one of her boyfriends.
i joined ep to express myself,and just in general be in a place where i dont have to deal with her,but even that was shortlived.only recently did she decide her stupid pranks and trouble on my account was over an i could finally login to my ep again but shes ****** this up for me too.shes joined groups,almost all sex related,shes gotten into contact with several other users(several she even speaks to outside of ep).
i think this is just my way of getting off my chest how much i cant stand her but at least one other person should be able to agree with me that logging into my computer and my account and messing around for so long was a horrible thing to do.!!
SirensPitiless SirensPitiless
18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

Are you still living with her? I'm casting a show on Roommate Issues. Let me know.