She's Crazy

Okay... So I did a random roommate selection and we met and were talking and she seemed fine. Not someone I would choose to be friends with but nice enough. Then he true colors came out. She is literally creepy. She follows me everywhere like showers at the same time brushes her teeth eats I can't go anywhere without her following me. She eats legit all my food and drinks all my drinks. She finishes something of mine and feels it okay to tell me I ran out so can I get more. Like no you ate it you get it. She feels the constant urge to stalk Facebook. When I'm studying she feels the need to show me all the funny pictures of cats in the world. She talks non stop. Ill be studying and she finds that the ideal time to play her fiddle. Like really? She misses so many classes so she is always in the room. She drops classes because she can't figure out why she isn't doing well even though she doesn't have the text book doesn't do the work and doesn't go to class. She is always sick...well she makes it up for attention. She will randomly get upset for no reason and if I don't ask what's wrong she slowly starts making it more obvious until she just starts crying. She turns my tv off or down when I'm watching it. She has moisture absorbing crystals all over the room to soak up the humidity.. And a humidifier because the rooms dry. She has a purifier plugged in and running all the time. She thinks what's mine is hers but what's hers is hers too. I can't touch any of her stuff but she helps her self to everything of mine. She will open my drawers without asking and take something of mine to use and leave the drawer open. She is so socially awkward she just copies everything i do or say. If she isn't copying me she is completely embarrassing she introduces herself by telling people she does laundry. She claims to have OCD yet she is a complete slob. Apparently we can hear our neighbors through the outlet above my bed. I come into the room after classes and she is laying on my bed with her ear against the outlet listening to them. She is so weird I can't stand it she says the most outrageous things to random people who aren't listening. She is a pathological lier. She even lies about her hair color. If I'm sick... She will be too. If I get hurt she claims she's hurt.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I can understand the part about her not respecting your privacy, but don't hate her because she's socially awkward. That's not really something she can help.