Well to start off, Jamie and I met at a college dorm. We had been paired together because we were both artists and quiet. It worked out really well. Three days before before the end of Spring break she called me up saying that she didn't have enough money to stay in the dorms anymore but could afford an apartment. She wanted me to move out with her so that she could still stay in town and go to school. I agreed because I hated the dorms and always wanted to take the next step into Adulthood.

So we left the dorms. The thing about our dorms is that if don't you declare, before every vacation, your intention of staying and you leave- you get fined. About $700. Unless you have a good reason to do so. Being diabetic she said that as her reason was that the stress, pot smoking, classes, money issues, etc.. were making it worse on her. That was true, it was really stressful living in there. She didn't get fined. I did and I paid up. It really really sucked. 

So when we left the dorms she decided that she wasn't going to go to school anymore and wanted to just save up money. I remember thinking well why didn't she tell me that, I could've avoided the fine and met up with her when school ended and got a place then. It would've saved me money and she would've had the chance to go to her mom's house and get ready to move,look a for place to live, and look for a job. Instead of it happening last minute. 

We thankfully got into an apartment after a couple of weeks of searching. She got a job that paid $10/hr, I got one that paid $8.75/hr (I HATE HOUSE KEEPING AT HOTELS!!! >:[ ). So with my job since I worked 5 days a week, I would only be $100 short of the total rent every month. Thankfully we only paid $325 each. Except even with her job, working 4 days a week she barely made it. I had no idea where her money went. I knew that she had insurance but her mom always paid half. Her mom also paid her cell phone. She didn't have any other bills besides her half of the insurance. She owes me 2 months worth of rent. Still. 

But wait! It gets better! She had this boyfriend of three years. They broke up. This total ********, that everybody did not like, who slept in her bed (thank God they never did anything while I was in there), and basically flirted with her the entire they were both in a relationship, asks her out and she agrees. Two weeks after she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. Now she had always told me that she values being a virgin, and so do I. I've been thankful that I've never given myself to anybody. So after half of year of telling me how  proud she is of being a virgin, she sleeps with her two week boyfriend simply because he's going up state to go to college. So yea. Not so pure now. But but but... he's now a month long boyfriend when this happens :D. 

Getting back to how that ties into the apartment... She leaves to go live with him after only 5 months of living with me. Oh we signed a year lease because both of us agreed that we weren't going anywhere. Now I'm stuck with the bills. Thankfully my family has some money and helps me through until the lease is up. Breaking the lease early was not worth because I would've had to pay for the damages her cat did to the place. As it is, I lost all the deposits I would've gotten back. 

Her cat. Buyo. I love that kitty but I swear to God that thing doesn't know right from wrong. Before I started school I painted this bookshelf that my grandparents gave. It was poorly done, looking back on it, but I love that thing. So when she leaves for Portland, she leaves behind her cat with me to watch until she can get Buyo at a later date. When Jamie left, Buyo flipped. She clawed up the carpet, clawed up my bookshelf, clawed up the door ways, and puked everywhere. And I got the epic job of cleaning it up.  Her cat did $1000 worth damage to the carpet. All my deposits went into that and I still had to pay $350. And the worst part is that I can never ask her half because she will never ever have it. 

So here I am living on my Grandparent's alfalfa farm, making a ton of money, and suddenly she calls asking if I want to come up to Portland to live with her. Of course I want to live in Portland but by myself. But I don't know the area and it would save me money if I roomed with her again. So we give it try with her boyfriend and a friend (who is a piece of work). Instead of trying to find a cheap three bedroom place they go for the most expensive one in the area. It would cost $1357 a month. Currently she and her boyfriend can't even come up wit an $800 rent. That's $400 each.  They would be barely scrapping even with two other people. 

So then I get told that I need to pay $30 more than everyone for the initial deposit. Oh and only 1 cat is allowed and she already signed up her cat. I have two that I dearly love and we couldn't find a cheaper, better, 3 cat friendly place? Because I found at least 5 when I was looking. And guess what?! That $30 was to pay for her cat :D Yay! So mine don't even legally get to live there and now I have to pay for hers!? Joy to the world! 

Well I grew a phone call long back bone and told her, hey I'm not doing this since no one but me will be able to afford the rent and  I wouldn't even be living there until November. She thought it was a good idea to get one before I moved up. Ya know..because she wanted to break her lease early...and...because she can't afford her bills at her current place...because she has no money so she wants to move to a more expensive place. Because I can pay the bills. Well my family has money, not me. I worked hard for everything that I earned. I paid for half of my car( thank you Grandpa), I paid my own bills, I bought my clothes, food, and whatever else I wanted. Not my family- me! Because I am an independent adult who is careful with her money. 

Fast forwarding to now...I ate a cucumber sammich so I feel better now...
but back to the rant! I had such a horrible time at looking at places online that I decided to come temporarily live with her until I could find my own den. Well it's just working out fan-*******-tastic! It's cold in here. I can't turn on the heat because they can't afford the bills. So it's really cold and rainy here and I'm freezing butt off every day. I'm allergic to fleas. Her cat has fleas. I brought my cats with me. Now we all have fleas. (O_O) Fleeeaaasss.... It sucks. She refuses to shop at a dollar store or Goodwill so they have no money every month. She does have food stamps. That go towards chips and soda. And she's type 1 diabetic. Lovely food choices. Her boyfriends works at McDonalds and it's making him fat. His second chin is almost completed. She works at Subway, got promoted twice, got  a raise like a jillion times and still doesn't have any money. 

And I don't like driving. At all. And no one helps me look for apartments. She did once. Once. I have until the end of December otherwise I ain't living here. I'm scared to death of driving alone because  I don't know the area. I have GPS but even with that I got lost like five times today on my own. People here drive crazy. It's scary. So I drove a little crazy too but I didn't cause any wrecks, cut anyone off (more so than what people normally do here), or speed around. I have plenty of places to go too but she won't help me. Some friend. Didn't even tell me about the fleas. I've been here for almost a week now and just found out tonight about them. Yay. Fleas. So far she hasn't asked to help pay any bills. Yet. I swear I need to get out of here. I thought that this would be easy. Well, at least not this hard. I thought that she would help me since we're friends. I thought that she would be more supportive. I thought that she would've told me not to bring two cats with me because of fleas. God, if I had known that I wouldn't have even moved up here. Once I start getting bit, that's it. I'm lying in bed sick, sore, itchy, emotional, with quarter sized red bumps all over me. And I have eczema too so now I get more crap on my skin :D Yay! Skin disease and bug bites! And stress makes eczema worse so it's really flaring up on me. And that makes it harder to get a job when your neck, arms, legs, and upper stomach are covered in red itchy sores that need lotion constantly put on them.  

So yea. That is my roommate. Our friendship is being put to the test and I'm reaching my breaking point. She didn't even tell me that I needed a freaking lamp for my room. So I was in the dark for a couple of days. 

Anyone know any good apartments in Portland under $650? 

(O_O) Help
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Roommates from hell - I totally feel your pain! My roommate almost never pays his rent on time and he makes a good 20,000/year more than I do. Oh and he is a total sexist slob and I am an independent rights activist. He treats my boyfriend with the utmost respect but acts like I'm his ******* maid and ignores me. I think this girl is using you. No true friend would treat you like that :(

I looked up some things, and I hope that this helps...


If it doesn't, sorry. :( But I really don't think that it's a good idea for you to be staying with her much longer. Does she do any other drugs or something? That could be how she doesn't have any money. I know from other people, that pot can be kind of expensive....

She doesn't do drugs, I think that if she was her health would suffering because she's a Type 1 Diabetic, and I don't smell anything druggy here so if she is, she's covering up the smell really (if she's smoking it) really well. And those links do help! Thank you! :D