I hate my roommates. Absolutely hate them. There are the most annoying, fake, ignorant, judgmental people I have ever met. There are three of us and supposedly we are all "best friends" but really them two are always ganging up on me and not treating me with respect. For example, today I was studying and listening to music, no one was around for the time being, when my roommate all of a sudden returns from class, early, and turns on the tv really loud so as to drown out my music. I had to move to the other room where there is no room to study comfortably. They do this sort of stuff all the time. Like i'll be watching a show and my roommate will reach over, take the remote from my lap and change the channel, or she'll tell me I have to turn down the tv cuz she's going to Skype with her bf. They also recently bought a dog (which is not allowed in our dorms) and they keep it here and let it pee all over our carpet and even leave it with me telling me I have to babysit while they're in class. They are always saying racist things about asian people or dissing on redheads or saying how much they hate fat people (they're not  too skinny themselves), and I am at the end of my rope. I wish I had enough backbone to stand up to them but I just let them walk all over me. Also I am a shy and independent person and I have not been able to make many friends up here, so there is no where else I can be. Living up here just depresses me and I feel as though I never smile anymore (i'm a gererally happy person). I dont know what to do.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I feel for you. It's tough when you're uncomfortable in your own home. Ultimately though they treat you that way because you let them. You should treat them the way they treat you. Turn about is fair play afterall. What do you really have to be afraid? It sounds like they already don't like you. I never went to college but can't you request a new dorm in the mean time?