Last night my roommate brought a girl home. I had just gotten in bed and turned off the lights. He hops in bed, the top bunk, and they proceed to make my life hell. To add to the creepiness, his brother was visiting and was sleeping on the floor.                                                                                                                  This douche hasn't tried to have a conversation with me all year. He talks to everyone else on the floor but never me. He has practically stolen my friends, leaving me with the time that he is out getting drunk and picking up disgusting looking girls. He also convinced my friends to not tell me about the rec basketball team and the football team, if it weren't for my football skills, lol, I wouldn't be on the team.                                                                                                       All of this complied to today I thought about de-friending him on facebook so I could complain about him, but when I got on there and looked for him he wasn't my friend anymore. What the hell? I didn't do **** to **** him off, I'm the one who should be mad here.                                                                                       This guy is a total jackass

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Yeah he's trying getta rise outta you!!!

I feel your pain.