Why? Why Me?

When I first started school at RIT, I had the best roommate. She was nice, considerate and friendly.  Well, that all changed when I transferred schools midyear and had to get a new one. The roommate at my new school is the complete opposite of my old one. She's rude, inconsiderate, and completely unfriendly!! In the beginning, she would say hello and say see you later. Then after awhile, i couldn't even get a smile when she saw me. She ignores my exist. If I ask her a question then she just either nods or shakes her head. It makes me miserable. All the other kids on my floor says she's like that with everyone who isn't her friend. I wouldn't take so much offense to it if I wasn't being treated the same way at home. I'm used to getting neglected and ignored and when I went off to college, I was hoping that I get away from that and not deal with it again. Thank god there is only two months left until the school year is over! I'm barely managing to deal with her as it is! Luckily, I met this really nice girl and we are planning on rooming together next year so this is just a temporary thing. I just want it to go by fast! Oh, and something else that I want to add is, today she was wearing a shirt that says "Do I Look Like a ******* People Person?" I have to say that shirt was made for her!! Well, I'm just going to hang in there until i no longer have to deal with her ever again.

18-21, F
Feb 26, 2010