Roommate From Hell!

I met my roommate in high school. She had moved to my big city from a small town and she was quite out of the loop. We had classes together and I was chosen by my school to be her guide while she adjusted. She was very socially awkward, and didn't know what kind of clothes were popular and she didn't listen to music... I tried to help her assimilate, but she was hopelessly stupid. Her grades in her old town were straight A's so i assumed she was smarter just confused, but in the city she struggled with our curriculum. So here's what she turned into after moving to college with me:

She smokes constantly. Drinks constantly. In high school, she got very angry with me for smoking in my car or drinking..

She has tried to have sex with every guy friend I have made. She's made many of them turn on me by spreading rumors about me.

She stares at me when I am getting dressed, doing my hair, exercising, or putting on makeup.

She has tried to steal my boyfriend. Luckily, he hates her.

She changes clothes in front of my boyfriend and listens to us talk while pretending to listen to her ipod. But if we try to include her in conversation, she will not talk to us.

She has no car and expects me to drive her around everywhere.

She makes disgusting messes. It's march, and she has not cleaned her desk since august.

I found pictures on her camera that she'd taken of me and my side of the room..

Once my boyfriend and I were having sex and she was supposed to be gone to class. She came home, ignored the "please go away" sign we rountinely put out, and walked right in. Later she told us she knew what we were doing but she really wanted to play her video game, so she ignored the sign and the locked door.

She rountinely steals my food, borrows my clothes without asking, locks me out while i am in the shower, and makes messes on my desk. I don't know why she'd even be near my desk.

And last but not least, she once plugged in her curling iron in the outlet above my bed and curled her hair at my mirror. I was still sleeping that morning, but i woke up when I rolled over on the hot iron she'd left in my bed.

She's just plain weird, having sexual internet affairs with people in other countries, talks to herself, and is a sneaky manipulative *****. I can't wait for summer.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Oh, I feel your pain. Your roommate sounds like the bitchy stalker type... like mine.