Private School: A Place Where...

You are treated like a 5-year old while expected to do the work of a 40-year old businessman.
You pay tuition, pay for books, pay for field trips, pay for dress-code approved clothing, and they still want you to buy their overpriced merchandise.
People will always assume you are a "whiny rich kid with no problems".
Everyone else chose to be there but your parents make you go (despite the fact you've had multiple health problems because you go there).
People pick their friends are at the age of five. After that time, you may not "switch friends" unless said friend has committed a felony/died.
You have to be there earlier than public school kids.
75% of the school makes honor roll and 30% makes high honor roll, so your class rank is never going to be high and you will get into a terrible college if you have less than an A+ for an average grade.
You aren't going to get as good grades as you would in public school, anyway.
To be fair, there are some good things:
Most teachers can teach.
Classes are sometimes interesting.
Food is acceptable at times.
That's about the end of the good things, though.

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so true