I don't wanna go back to school in two weeks! I hate everyone in my school, especially in my grade. I barely have any friends, and the ones I do have are never in my classes. Last year, my junior year of high school (11th grade) I was alone in half of my classes. In the others, my friends were always absent or skipped class. There are two high schools in my district, and I really want to switch to the other one because all of my good friends are there!! I miss them a lot!! But my parents won't let me switch because its 15 minutes away instead of 5 minutes from my house. I just hate it because everyone ignores me and doesn't give me a chance. I feel so lonely at this stupid school.. and I cried one day in the auditorium during my free period when it was empty..
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1 Response Aug 11, 2014

onley becausae its 15 minutes away ? ther must be another reason, I think it is to late to change Highschool now. if you have good friends in other school, you can still meet them after school hours at home or another place, it is true, its not the same, I know.

Well its mainly my dad who thinks its a "far drive." He doesn't like the location of the school and doesnt want an extra 10 minute drive to pick me up there. Its stupid I know, but its the way my dad is. He's a good dad though.

And also it isnt too late to switch schools, as long as i do it before my schedules come in.

And thank you for your comment :)