I Cant Bare It Anymore

Every night I cry, as i am right now. I've switched schools 7 times, this being my 7 and it's never been this way. Where i previously lived and went to school for two years i was as happy as i could be. then over the summer I moved and started going to the hell whole they call school.

Everyone is so rude and doesn't talk. I am so stressed and I'm starting to feel numb to everything. the firsat day i came home balling my eyes out to my mom she told me to give it a chance. I gave it freaking six months and i cried to her the other night and she said i could go back to my old school and i got my hopes up. but now everything is ****** and  don't know if i can. i cant handle it.

On the outside I'm trying to keep my composer but on the inside I'm shattered. I need to switched soon if i don't i might just crack.

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13-15, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I know exactly what you mean i switched schools because i thought i hated my old one but the new one is even worse! i feel like im loosing who i am because i have to be different at school. im scared to go back to my old school because im scared i wont have nyone anymore