Im A Sophmore

I'm a sophmore and at my old school last year my best friend was the only one i hung out with then she moved. so i went to a new school to make new friends and to get away from the groups at my old school because they never got me. At my new school not only are the clicks connected with the other school like they are friends with each other so i cant start new but i cant make any friends exept for freshman. i dread going to lunch because i hate seeing the looks i get from other people because im a sophmore eating with freshman. All the other kids in my grade party and whatnot and i do too they just dont know me and im too shy to be myself around them. no one is like me and by just going to this school i feel like im losing who i am because im never myself anymore. I want to move far far away.

BaileyBoobs BaileyBoobs
13-15, F
Mar 4, 2010