I Should Be Positive In My Writing

but I hate myself a lot of the time. I hate what I have done in the past and what I am. I hate that I am a failure in life, and that I could not prove them wrong. I hate what I have done abandoning my friends to hide for years. I hate myself for not being healed  after all this time. I hate myself for wasting my life. I hate myself for putting up with what I did. I hate myself for letting people use me. I hate myself for not developing proper social skills. I hate myself for being such a bad friend.

demonizd demonizd
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

as bublina wrote, everyone makes mistakes. and you are not alone in feeling as they you have let people down. but your life is now and by writing on this website, you have takend a step to make a change in your life. go and get the real you! love and live!

Thanks, bublina. I was just venting really. I needed to get that all out and try to leave it here, away from the real me. :)

hey... you know, sometimes you hate yourself for what you have done or for what you have not done... but by hatress, will you change it? No.. it will only make you more and more depressed... so try to show your friends you are not so bad, that you wanna change, because I see that you wanna change yourself into something better. And that is not impossible. Work on yourself. Believe in your powers. I also have not developed good social skills. Sometimes I rather hide, but we cant hide whole life. So try... it's worth of trying. Try not to hate yourself so much. Everyone makes mistakes. So try to overcome the past and start to live new life again.. . good luck!