So , I don´t mean to brag or something but since I can recall , I have always been compare to my sister ( I´m the younger one) and always found to be the prettier or the nicest or the whatever ( you get the idea) so my sister always hated me. When I was a child I couldn´t understand that, so like any other child I wanted to be with my sibling but she always pushed me away , she mock , hit , threw things at me and insult me every chance she got. Naturally she did that only when we were alone , but my parents knew that when I was crying it always was cause by my sister, and the sad part is that I´m a sensitive person and a 5 years old me could´t understand that my sister didn´t love the way I loved her. Anyway , I grew up with that twist relationship for 10 years more , when I turn sixteen she was already studying at the University ( She stills live with me) and she started to "change" , she treated me nicer and wanted to do more "sister bonding time" and stuff like that , and I know that´s a façade she is using to get her ways. She´s a manipulative ***** and I hate the fact that she acts like her "old self" only when we are alone. But now that I´m 17 I just ignored her , answer her question with short answers and sarcastic retorts. And my parent tell me off because of it.
I really hate the fact that she is so fake and she can push my bottoms.
Marcelines Marcelines
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2014