My Sil Is Something Else

I just dont get it, is it in the SIL book of lawz to automatically hate your SIL!  I mean i've never done anything to my SIL yet i'm the bad person,and i'm non-stop talked about between her and her friends and i'm constantly made the butt of her jokes.  Confronting her is BS, that gets you no where but back in the same place, super hated & still misunderstood from the beginning!  I have come to realize I will never be liked and I'm not going to contiune for that damn approval that was never needed and will never be needed. My own husband doesnt give a damn for her to even give a damn about him or his family and never understood why in the hell I cared at all. I guess I was always like what and why wouldnt she like me ive never did anything to her and her family or her friends for that matter.  But you can only try and try and try so much to get along with someone that is so determined to not like you from the start.  So why keep trying I ask myself, Im not anymore, I'm at my point that I've taken enough BS from that situation and if my husband doesnt care for her to be part of his life or his kids lives why in the hell will I.  I'm better than the drama that she or her friends want to create because they are so damn unhappy and I won't let them or their high school childish **** be on my mind or in my heart anymore.  Im walking away, I dont have to let them make or break me that's my job!

Justliloleme Justliloleme
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1 Response Apr 22, 2010

I know exactly what you mean - you are right in confronting this - because it's completely delusional thinking to try and get someone to like you when they hate you for no reason. That means they are loco and I think the rule is to not have crazies in your life. A salute to you and another kind of a salute to your SIL:)