I Hate Desporatly Hate My "sister" In Law!

Ok.... My sister in law... where to start.  She is the most back woods ignorant person I have ever met in my life. I usually don't use this phrase, but "White Trash" adequately describes her. She is 20 years old. She is my husband’s sister, and I use the term sister loosely. Let’s call her Tiffany. There are 5 main reasons why I hate my sister in law.

Reason #1: She is a lesbian woman which I have absolutely no problem with (her being a lesbian is not the reason I dislike her!)  I myself have always been for love regardless of gender. However her chosen lover is also her biological sister. (Who is another sister in law hate story all her own.) They are absolutely volatile together. They have knock down drag out fights, where one is hauled off to the ER, and the other to jail. It is pure insanity.

Reason #2: She claims to love my husband and openly hates me. She cries to her mother how I have taken her brother away from his family. (We only live 2 hours away.) Plus he practically ran screaming from them after we lived in their area for 4 months. She blames me for tearing apart their "happy" family. In the last three years that my husband and I have been together she has yet to call my husband once for anything other than to get money to feed her growing drug problem. (Which she has yet to receive) Not for his birthday, not for Christmas, not for anything... 

Reason #3: Our Wedding. I desperately wanted his family to be a huge part of our wedding. His father was his best man, and his mother walked him down the aisle. I asked her to take her pick of bride’s maid, or grooms woman. (She dresses like a man, and has asked us to have our children refer to her as uncle Tiff... they don’t) She waited until the day before the wedding... THE DAY BEFORE... to have her father call me and tell me she wasn't coming. I would have bent over backwards to get her there, but according to her mother Tiff felt she was too good to be seen at my wedding.

Reason #4: Her drug problem. A few months back my husband got a call from her asking for somewhere to stay to get clean, and get her GED. (she has only a 8th grade education) We agreed, and opened our home to her. I tried my best to stay out of her way, and be as nice as possible. I saw this as a time to maybe change her opinion of me. When she was feeling sick I made her breakfast. When she was having a tuff time with classes I helped her with her homework. I cleaned and cooked, and busted my *** for that girl. I did it all just to make her feel welcome and loved. I treated her with respect, and kindness. I actually thought I was making progress in our relationship. Only to hear from my mother in law that she had been bad mouthing me to the family the entire time. My husband and I talked to her about it, and she went nuts. Going off on me about how I stole her brother, how I'm such a *****, and how she hates me. I have never done anything to that girl to make her feel that way towards me. My hubby ended up setting her straight. Telling her that I am his wife now, and I come first. He told her to lay off. He said, "If you can't accept Ash for who she is and the work she has done to make progress with you, than you are no family of mine." (I was so proud of him for sticking up for me.) She calmed down, and a few weeks went by. She tested positive for meth, and voluntarily left without telling anyone.

Reason #5: This is the biggest reason of all. When our relationship first began she opened up to me that she had been raped as a child. I was so caught off guard I didn't know what to say. I sent her an email later that night telling her how I too had experienced that kind of abuse, and how if she ever wanted to talk about it I was always there for her. She took my email, and made copies. She handed them out to every family member. Letting everyone read it. I was so humiliated. Turns out she was never raped. My husband could have killed her. I just simply wanted to die.

I hate my sister in law, because I wanted to have a loving relationship with her. I wanted to be able to call her and tell her about her nieces and nephews. I wanted her to be a part of our lives, but she has made it abundantly clear that she does not want to be. She is ignorant, arrogant, and damaged. She has no aspirations other than to get ****** up. She is living a hateful life, and tearing my husband away from his family. 
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WOW!!!! She is Jerry Springer material. My issues are small compared to yours. I commend you on taking that THING into your house! I would not have. hmmm sorry I think she may be beyond hope. BEST OF LUCK AND STAY CLEAR

Wow, she is even weirder then the weirdest Jerry Springer show. I agree with you about love. Consenting adults should be able to love whatever gender they want, but not their biological sister. Has your husband's family ever talked to her about this? <br />
<br />
Regarding the sharing of your e-mail: I am having a hard time understanding what would bring a person to do something so cruel. She is definately a toxic person. Just because she is a family member does not mean you and your husband have to have her in your life. Sometimes it is better for a drug addict if you do not help them and let them hit their bottom. If I were you, I would not extend myself again.

forget not "extending" yourself, you need to hit that ***** with a ******* truck, or at least go out of your way to ignore and avoid, her. now, i would taunt her about her- ... ...everything actually, but i understand your not that kind of person and don't want to sink to her level (gonna have sink faster, and harder, than the titanic for that to happen) so just ignore her pretend she DOESN'T exist, trust me; SHE'S THE ONE tearing your brothers family apart... oh and by the way
to this nice young woman's husband:
yo man props for stickin up for your wife like that, dude.
you need a body bag for 'anything' let me know (heh heh heh) ((

just playin))