To The Point Of Abuse...

i miss my brother.  its been along time since weve seen each other.  we have the same sense of humor, developed simultaneously as a reflection of whatever shows we watched as children.  we dont laugh anymore. 
i remember i was getting ready to go to my friends birthday party last summer- rollerskating at 26? yes! - when my sadened father called and told me my dear brother had been put behind bars.  id never seen him hurt anyone in his life.
he told me that she was mad that he hadnt already cooked dinner by the time she came home.  they argued, she attacked him, he restrained her, she bit him, he pushed her, etc. but, she was pregnant. so off to jail he went.  
he almost lost his job.  certainly lost his dignity.  
they already had a young son.  he couldnt see the little guy so much anymore. neither could we.
they started a divorce proceeding, and she wanted more money than he earned.   he had to sleep on the floor of my fathers office, instead of in the home that he owned.  at least he got a new cell phone- she smashed the other against the wall one other lovely day.
he looked at me with the most deflated eyes and told me he never knew anything else, that he actually thought this was how things were supposed to be.
it broke my heart.
time passed, the paperwork filed along.
and then she lost her job, and got close to birthing their second child.  she panicked, and decided she loved him again.
he loved his children. and maybe her a little bit, too.  even though she hit him, and will likely hit the children.
im home again, and am waiting to see if i want to see them.
the woman is much larger than me. im a small, peaceful thing, dont know if i could defend myself.  i feel like going to the house would be like going into battle.
im at least intellectually armed, with ethics and justice behind me.  yet im afraid.
its already turned out to be much worse than i thought.
her family rejects him, and i assume the rest of my family as well.
my friend told me yesterday, that sometimes you just have to let it be. that people have problems, and sometimes they always will. 
i know she might be right.
but id rather hug him and tell him he deserves to be loved and that the world is waiting.
i want my brother back.

meeeese meeeese
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

She sounds like a horrible woman! While I believe that it is your brothers battle and only he can stand up for himself and take charge for his life, it doesn't hurt to hug him and tell him he deserves to be loved. Your emotional support probably helps him more than you think. I hope things get better and he is able to leave this ***** without the courts making him pay out the ***!