I Hate Living With My Sister-in-law!

For the past three years, my husband and I lived with his sister and her family.  It was my husband's idea to have them move in with us when we first bought our house because he feels bad for her since she's always been in an apartment and can't afford to buy a house.  My only mistake is agreeing with my husband.  I wish I could turn back time and this time I will object about them living with us.  She is so messy and she is always using her children as an excuse of why not cleaning up after them.  Her children are ages 7 and 5.  As you can see, they are not infants anymore and they are in the age group where you can teach them about cleaning up after themselves.  Every time when I clean the house and fix around the house, she always contradicts my actions.  I hate her.  I wish her blood sugar level rises up even more and her pancreas will stop functioning totally.  She is a total *****!  For the past three weeks, she and the children stayed in Sacramento and spent the children's summer vacation there wiith her parents.  Those three weeks were the best time of my life.  The house is quiet and somewhat clean.  It is somewhat clean because the family room is like a toy department store.  On one corner, it has a glass cabinet where she stores the children's toys, where it should have been in their bedroom.  I don't care if their bedroom is small.  The point is she needs to stop buying and spoiling her children with useless toys.  She doesn't get that she and her family needs to find a place of their own.  I hate her and this situation is making me turn into an evil person.  She is so dumbass that she doesn't get that I don't want to live with her and her family anymore.  Her face is so ugly and she has so many acne that when you touch it, it feels like a rough rock.  By the way, she is 41 years old and still needs to live with her two brothers because she needs someone to share the house expenses.  I hate her!  I despise her!  I loathe her!  I scorn her! 
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Family TOO CLOSE A PROXIMITY is always a danger sign. No good comes of this; I witnessed it several times growing up.

When my noodle headed SIL was looking for a house to rent I was so urging her to look at least 12 or better miles from us CLOSER TO HER JOB AND THE BASE she needs etc. Of course my hub was hoping she could live closer NOOOOOOO
Thank God she did move far enough away (another state would be better)

Yes I suppose you can have rules and guidelines in your own home for these selfish ******* have no respect for you. Have you mentioned this to your husband I KNOW it can be difficult subject matter GOOD LUCK DOLL

I can completely relate to this. Me and my partner moved into our first home together 6 month ago. It was lovely, freshly decorated, homely. Even a spare room that I was going to turn into a dresser/office. It was lovely to finally have something that was 'ours'. Go home and chill together in front of the tv, in bed or just whatever we wanted. However within 1 month of our lovely home we had his sister. Which to be honest I didn't mind at first.

And then I come in from work to a sink full of dishes. (she doesn't buy any food). She leaves sugar and coffee on my benches (and no contributions to this either) She also expects me to do her washing.

I work a full time 35 hour per week job, I'm an accountant of my fiances's business and a housewife. All these things I thoroughly enjoy. But when I come home from work I expect it to be the way I left it. This girl is older than me and never worked a day in her life. She expects me to be her taxi and to complete my rant she is very messy and lazy.

How do I kick her out?

I feel for you. I live with my sister-in-law, too. and oh, how much i hate her! she complains that i don't help her clean when in fact I do clean all the time. her kids were the one always making a mess! she should really teach them spoiled, impolite, messy kids! she's also a hypocrite. she acts all friendly in front of me but backstabs me when she talks to other people. It makes me want to be eeeevil and do bad stuff to her.

Never ever live with your husbands family. I had to fight everytime his brother dropped his kids on me, at first I treated them as if they were my own, they were at that time 3 and 5. My kids were a bit older. I don't hate kids so I took care of them sometimes for 2 days sometimes for 4 days. It sort of became a habit and I was getting annoyed and on top of that he or his wife never call me to ask if it was OK but would only always ask their mother who is my MIL who will always say yes like she was the one who is taking care of them. My husband would always bring them to our house and dump them on me! Even my friends were making comments about the situation and would joke that I should charge a fee for taking care of their kids while the mother worked part time and is always too busy, yes! too busy to take care of her own kids!!<br />
So I always had a fight with my husband when they decide to dump their kids on me and at one time left home. I also told my in laws that I'm not their son's baby sitter, they always dump the kids when it's the holidays. At one time my husband agreed to take care of his niece while she went to school near our place and that was definetly a NO from me. NO WAY. <br />
So I think it is time you made a move to tell her and your husband that she has to move or it will be you who will be moving. You said that she is 41, she is a full grown adult who should be taking on her own responsibilities. <br />
I really hope your husband would see your point of view and understand. What about your parents, if they lived nearby maybe you could move in with them for a while and hope your husband will know the seriousness of this problem and begin to miss his family!!<br />
Sorry I don't have great advice for you but I really understand what you are going through.