I Hate My Sister-in-law, Entire Family Is Sick

I hate my sister-in-law.  My husband was molested as a child by a brother and I have always encouraged him to talk about it and go to counseling (which he has).  She treats him like it is his fault and he should not talk about it.  She has been drinking and using marijuana with her kids since they were 14.  She had a boyfriend who was on trial for child molestation.  She let him stay at her house with her and her kids.  He is now in jail.  I hate her because she is rude and insulting towards me at any family gathering. I hate her because she has the same illness I do, CFIDS/ME, but she thinks the world should revolve around her and her problems because she is sick.  Everything about her life is an emergency to her and her problems are more important then anything anyone else is going through.   If my husband and I don't listen to her complain or if he does not do her favors, she talks junk about us to the other members of the family and anyone else who will listen.  My husband is a sweet guy and she was always trying to get him to do things for her or getting him to listen to her problems all the time by making him feel guilty because she is sick.  I say was because my husband and I moved to another state and we no longer talk to her.  He also came down with an illness before we left and had to start a new job.  He realized how self-centered she was when she would call and complain about her problems and complain that he had taken their other brother away from her.  (My husband got one of his brothers a job where we work after he lost his due to the bad economy and he moved by us.)  She would call everyday complaining and bitching at my husband, saying that he was a bad brother, even though he was under so much stress because of the stuff he was going through.   Now we have no contact with her.
tiggerkenwood tiggerkenwood
36-40, F
Aug 5, 2010