My Sister In Law, The "perfect" Little *****

I am sure some of you can marry into a family where your husband has grown up in the dark, lonely shadow of some girl his parents think ***** gold. My husband had the grave misfortune of being a first-born son, constantly eclipsed by the golden haired brat who followed a few years later. His mother was, and is, a smart woman, but she gave up a career or idenity to raise kids. When she popped out the little attention grubbing monster sister, it was all over for my sweet husband. From that day, the little ***** took all the love, attention and adulation of his mother, and most from his father. My in laws are convinced their daughter is a genius because she alwwys got straight A's and was high school and college valedictorian. News flash: All she is good at is kissing ***. She has no real talents, no interests beyond expensive travel and bragging about her yuppie life. When the ***** went to college, my in laws paid for private school, law school, and study abroad. My husband was told he had to go to community college, and a state school. No study abroad. Anyhow, when I married my husband, I, a very smart achiever myself, thought I would have this girl be my bridesmaid. She was awful, bitched about how studpid wedding showers are, how backward it is to not just use your maiden name, etc. She never did anything to help or share the wedding fun. A week before my wedding, when I was stressed, MIL threw the ***** a party for passing the California bar. It took all the attention from our wedding, and put it right back on her. A few years ago, I got in a fight with my MIL, not the sister in law. After that, she acted like I was dead to her. I appologised, and the MIL and I have made up. I found out last weekend the ***** had a bridal shower, and did not invite me...when everyone else was invited. I have NO desire to go to her wedding, and think we should stay home. Did I mention that she always goes on and on about international travel, her yuppie friends, etc? She never lets anyone else get a word in edgewise. Everyone thinks she is so sweet, because she is a nonprofit lawyer who helps people with AIDS. Well, I have worked with the homeless, low income students, etc., and volunteered countless service hours, but no one thinks I am special. I hate her so much!!!! She is a horrible, mean, selfish person.
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I can totally relate to your story as it is very similar to mine. Except that there is an additional sister born last into my husband's FOO. Husband is 1st born & then the twisted psychopath named Tara is next. Everyone thinks she's so perfect & lovely. She's very good @ having eveyone fooled. Little do they know what she's like behind the scenes. How evil & ****** up she really is. I cannot wait until she has been "found out" & is caught red-handed doing malicious, evil things to someone as I have seen this little, perfect, center-stage twisted ***** do. Karma's a *****! It's amazing how many naive, gullable people there are in this world