my husband has 3 sisters but i hate the middle one she hates me and she is coming down for 2 weeks and she says i ruined his life when i really saved it... she calls me when she is drunk and tells me how im not good for her brother and how she hates me but in front of him she imgors me and so does he. i dont want to see her but i have to because he is my husband and if she says something rude to me im going off on her. things will never get good between us and i really dont care..
nikolelove13 nikolelove13
1 Response Aug 13, 2010

I know how you feel. I only have one and she is 10 persons combined! It has been 10 years and our relationship has always been good or evil or likewise. I really cannot stand her! She's bad mouthing me once again and she's not even aware that I know. Honestly, I am in the process of getting even with her. Like the saying...'the truth will always prevail!" Remember, you are the wife and she is just a sister now!