Awful Sister In Law

My sister in law has been married twice and the only time we got along was when she was NOT married. I do not know what happens to her but she gets up on her high horse and thinks that she has a license to say anything that comes to her mind. She has no filter and has personally offended my friends and family to the point that she and her current husband are not invited to our parties unless it is a family only party - my husband's family only. The most recent encounter with the rudeness of my sister in law (and her awful husband) was on my daughter's 6th birthday party. Her husband constantly dropped the F Bomb, along with a lot of other colorful language, in a room full of 4-10 year olds. He did not whisper it or lower his voice. He and his wife sat AT the kid's table looking at pics on his phone while cursing profanities. Then, she started talking badly about me to my friend. A few weeks ago I watched her 4 kids for her (with mine, that is 7 total including a newborn). After a crazy evening I finally got all the kids calmed down and quiet and watching a movie and the baby in bed. When she came to pick up her kids she was talking very loudly and I kindly told her that the baby was sleeping and it was very hard to get him down and to please lower her voice. Her answer was "Wow, and I thought I was a grown up until you went and shushed me". So, at the party she made sure to comment on the incident to my neighbor telling her that she couldn't believe I would have all these people in my house while the baby was sleeping!

As if that weren't enough, her husband started "playfully" hitting on a 10 year old little girl that he had never met before. He told her that he would take her on a date but that she was too young for him and by the time she was old enough he would be too old and she wouldn't want him anyways. He kept up his "joke" for over half the party. I'm still waiting to hear from her parents about that one.

Our party was a birthday party and we decided to make gingerbread houses for all the kids to decorate. I spent 3 days baking and assembling them. I made sure everyone knew what were doing so that they could dress the kids appropriately. I asked everyone to bring one bag of candy per kid and by the time she arrived we had lots of candy and of course she was bothered that she had brought any because "we obviously had no need for hers". And then when it came time to leave she refused to let her 4 kids take home their houses that they had just spent 2 hours decorating. All four children left crying and she told me to throw them away. My heart was broken and not just because of all my hard work but because of the looks on those kids faces as they were getting yelled at for being upset about the houses. They have a 3000+ sq ft house but have no where to keep them???

Before they left my nephew came out of the bedroom crying and his step dad was yelling at him to get his shoes on. He went and got his shoes and was having a hard time getting them on so I attempted to help him. He was missing a sock so I took him by the hand to go look for it. We got half way back to the playroom when my wonderful BIL snapped at me to not help him. He lost his sock and now he would suffer for it. I had no business helping him. Apparently he had just been yelled at for losing his sock and that was why he came out crying but I had no clue. I thought I was being helpful to a 4 year old.

This is just 3 hours in the life of me and my fabulous in laws. I have yet to speak to either of them since the incident and have no plans on contacting them any time soon. I just feel awful because it is my husband that has to deal with it all. I just don't know what to do to fix it. I can't change them. I can't change her. But I can't keep up with her ever changing self as she goes from one relationship to another. The only time I have ever been able to tolerate her was when she was single. She was actually friendly and kind and generous and sweet. But them she goes and marries a** hole #2 and is back on her high horse. I wish I could just knock her a** off of it.
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This sounds like my sis in law. Absolutely psych! So selfish, more interested in putting on a show with her matchy matchy polo clad clan than actually spending time with them. But, so long as they look like a happy family... That's what's important, right?Ugh. She hired a Private investigator on my mother in law because she decided since she & h husband aren't close she must be cheating. Her incredibly misbehaved children are borderline violent to our children. Can't blame them, though... They are just looking for attention any way they can get it. Even if it means nearly taking a chunk out of my daughters arm biting her because they want her scooter. And forget correcting them or her. She has zero respect because she's an opportunist ***** & ever since I stopped doing her hair (because I can't stand to spend that long with her & I refuse to provide that entitled ***** a service) she no longer has a use for me & I'm not important to her. I am thankful that I know how to appreciate what I have instead of always needing mor like her. I feel bad for people like her... Just be happy & good to people. It takes far too much energy to be such a *****. It seems to come natural to her... Maybe it's the extreme jealousy over the fact that I had the daughter she always wanted just 2 weeks after she delivered her 3rd boy & final child. Thank God that she didn't get that "pony." She would have really ignored the boys... Barely spends time with them as is. He most frustrating part is that my husbands family allows this crap because they're afraid she'll take their son/brother away. I say if he is going to allow this monster to treat his family this way, it may not be such a loss... Who knows.

That is awful! My soon to be sister in law is the worst too. I lost a baby around the first of April and on Easter she told me that she was so upset when she heard i was pregnant, and that she was so relieved that I lost the baby because I wasn't able take care of 5 children (my fiance have 4 children) and was pissed off that he and I were living with his parents at the time because we bought a foreclosed house and were fixing it up. Then she had the nerve to come to my house after we fixed it up and tell me it looked like ****, because we did all the work in the house ourselves. The best way I dealt with her was I told her that I did not want to come between the two brothers, but I really cant stand her. I know this was mean but it got her to stop being a B*tch. She has had her tubes tied, and I told her You were just pissed off that the attention got taken off of you, but I will always have one up on you because I will have a baby..and you can't. Ever since she has not come to my house. I let my husband go over to his brothers alone (HE IS OK WITH THIS). She avoids me at all costs...which is very very nice, and I only have to tolerate her at family gatherings.