Skanky Sister In Law

I have a sister in law that is a BOGAN and whats worse is she is with a Violent Bogan that nearly punched out her 60 odd year old father at a Christmas gathering. Big Hero he is. Whats even more worse is she has chosen this idiot over her normal family.

I can't stand her, she dissed me at my own wedding as my friends told me two years later AND her and her bogan husband to be got up half way through the wedding speeches and went OUTSIDE, so bloody rude. Two months before our wedding she made my husband cry (I have never seen my husband cry ever) because she stirred up so much **** about her illigitimate kids not being allowed to come to our wedding.

She is vile and I can't wait to be a rude ***** at her wedding and get in all her photos and have a smacked *** look on my face like her dickhead partner had in all our photos in which he ruined!!!!! ******. I want nothing to do with her and her little retarded family as unfortunatly the children are exactly like her and him.

Problem is no one in her family stands up to him or her as they feel intimidated. Their wedding day will be a joke as none of her family like him one bit and she is such a mole that she does not even care. They both work on intimidation and bully tactics and she uses the kids as leverage against her parents if they don't give in to her needs as she knows the grandparents want to see them.

I want to tell her this and more to her face, but don't want to cause trouble between me and my husband as he is a good man and still wants a relationship with this selfish little so and so, don't ask me why? She is a little user, manipulator and has sat on welfare payments for the past seven years and even though both kids are at school/kindergarden it sits on facebook all day telling everyone how dull its life is. Great to see our tax payer money going to good use huh.
arieskim arieskim
Feb 10, 2011