She Sucks

my sil drives me crazy some times i wish her to suffer most of her life bitterly from the first day weve met we didnt get along she embbareses my with my friends firstly when she moked at my hair in  front of them when her brother & i were just engaged i tried alot to be her friend but she is haertless she even went to see my wedding dress behind my back and then cursed me for being angry  she was invited in my house then told her mother lies about me theres so much to say but i dont know waht to tell shes making my life miserable some times i want to divorce her brother so that i couldnt deal with her again but he is good to me we love each other and we have akid for god sake but i cant stand dealing with al of my in laws they are all infleuented by her i cant stand it any longer
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2 Responses May 26, 2011

Hi I didn't really respond here the first time sorry I was venting....It appears your SIL also has a jelousy problem too. I believe because mine is miserable down and keeps the cloud around her SHE EXPECTS OTHER TO ALSO ESPECIALLY HER BROTHER. She had the longest face and acted real pissy throughoiut our wedding as if she were an ex wife instead. It appears you SIL HAS AN ISSUE WITH WANTING ALL THE ATTENTION. Unfortunately she really lacks are young and that can be an issue. This can also be an issue with other people to for instance I am 51 hub is 62 and the pain in the arse is 57 so it can exist throughout life...I hope she does not interfere in your life with your husband to much. Maybe she is young enough still to get a guy and annoy him and keep preoccupied and leave you both alone LOL...OK take care hun.

Why do these ******* have to exist to make our lives miserable..............mine plays the pity pot and gets the best of her brother my husband...and he just enables her to be the self centered pain in the A@@@ SHE IS........She is all about her...poor her. I am sick of hearing of her problems of posibly losing her house she should have done something by now and get a room mate or something to survive instead waits around for hell to take over and wants pity AHHHHHH PLEASE EVERYONE HAS GONE THROUGH HARDSHIP GET A GRIP ON YOUR OWN LIFE