The Trust Is Out The Window For My Husbands Sister In Law!

A few yrs back when we got engaged my sister who did not want kids made sure she got artifiically inseminated to have the baby born a few days before our wedding..never congratulated us oon our engagement by the way. So we knew she was seeking attention from my in laws and was worried that they loved me more than her. Mind you she couldn't stand my mother in law. A year after we got married, I had to go to California on business and my husband came down the second week. On our second day together from 630am to 830am my cell phone was ringing about 6 calls in two hours. I finally picked up and the girl says are you (my name) and I said yes. Then she said how do you know my husband because i found your name and number in his telephone book. I said Idont know your husband unless it was when i was dating on before i met my husband but I still didnt see any familiarity in his name. She claimed it was written recently. When my husband asked who it was I told him the truth bc I was baffled about that phone call. Then I realized it had to be a set up. My husband stormed outside believing that I was cheating..UGH! Thats when I said to the girl, I will pay you what ever you want to tell me who put you up to this. She said she would call me back and let me know and then that was the end of it. I never heard back from her. I concluded that my sister in law put a dagger in my marriage at that point. Til this day she is a bully, a narssacist, and mental abusive to me. I have even helped her out as a good sister in law but I have also told her off when it was needed and I couldnt take the torture any more. MY husbands sister is now scared to show me any attention because she' s scared of losing access to her neice.  I feel I am up against the whole family because my sister in law has everyone by the balls with her child.  I also feel she is out to wreck my life.  What do I do? Any advice.
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thank you unfortunately she is married still to my husbands brother. im stuck with an ***!

thank you unfortunately she is married still to my husbands brother. im stuck with an ***!

thank you unfortunately she is married still to my husbands brother. im stuck with an ***!

I wish I could give you an answer. Your sister in law is a total narcissist...she is ALL ABOUT HERSELF.

She would do anything to make sure she is the center of attention. She felt threatened by you for she thought the attention of others would divert away from her. I gather she is a single mom? Her brother may have been her support at one time which also explains why the bitterness and bs...

I go through this too...yuk