Cruel And Cunning Sister In Law(my Brothers Wife)

My sister in law hates me but she acts she is caring me. She used to say lot of lies and i hate telling lies. She wont do any work at home, but when her husband(my brother) comes she acts as she alone is doing work and getting too tired and back pain. Every holiday of my brother she force him to go out early in the morning and they will come back at late night. Every month one week she used stay in her on home and tells some or other reasons. She will not allow my brother to mingle with my parents and me. she will tell lots of bad things about me to my brother and he will not speak properly with me on those days. She will not care anybody in my home and too selfish. When my brother comes after duty she will close their door and will not come out till others sleep.I used to wash her dress. but now stopped. Now I realise she was using me.What I can do to make her to love me??(
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2011

Just don't talk to her. It doesn't get better. And take your brother and go look I did nothing wrong. That way if you don't talk to her,she will slip up in her lies.

Wohoaa I hate my brother wife too .. I am actually from Nepal but since my mom was born in hongkong I stay here in hk .. My bro ran off with this ***** so called his wife.. After applying for her id permanently she stays here in hongkong along with us.. We live in same house . After a month of her in home she was good did chores and cooking .. Right after she started working she starts acting too smart .. I haven't done job yet but I do clean my rooms and do my stuffs.. I play Xbox a lot and I m planning to get a job soon but here is the problem that she is controlling my bro .. Every day she goes out and buys whatever she wishes and as for my bro none of wishes are good for her and denies them.. My bro stopped buying Xbox games whig he loved to.. And this ***** even big mouth my parents my mom she speaks bad abt my mom to her family and about me too.. She controls my bro like a robot and he even does chores for her.. She is ******* **** and doesn't even do chores.. And her ******* daughter keeps irritating me while I am playing games.. I tell their daughter off and both husband and wife state me with big eyes...

Get a life. No one is going to feel sorry for you that you can't stay at home playing xbox all day. I would NEVER let someone stay in under my rough who didn't at least have a part time job or in return baby sit and do ALL the chores. You could at least baby sit as your form of rent. Sounds like your a childish brat for wanting to sit on your but all day. Listen up KID working and having a job is part of life. I wouldn't buy you damn games either if ALL you have to do is clean your bedroom. Hard life kid...that is sarcasm.

And by the way KID. They are in a relationship. If they can't afford to buy xbox games any more for you to enjoy it is probably because being Married now they have little thing called bills to pay!

I dislike my brother's wife as well mainly because she is a two-faced manipulator. A lot of these websites say that I should just avoid her. Unfortunately, she has latched herself onto my children's grandmother. They call each other 5 times a day and to avoid my sister-in-law, I have to avoid my mother-in-law. How do I handle this?

She sounds like my sil,. You will never please her no mater what you do. My sil is a manipulating, self involved, jealous , two faced , selfish, world revolves around me attitude, possessive, narcissistic personality. The parasite married my brother 2 yrs ago. They live at my dads house. When I go to visit their either upstairs with the door shut or out in the garage smoking. A couple of times my brother and I would stay up late and b.s. The parasite would come in the garage sit and glare at him. I can hear her thoughts " how dare you stay up and talk to your sister! I never gave my permission!" She will stay in the break room till he punches out! Cause he might want to stop and have a couple of beers with some friends. See she can go out with her friends alone, cheat on him, but he can't do ****! He was 5 min late coming home from work one day. She was flipping out! Ranting a raving "where is he!" "he should be f!#$!$ home by now!" As soon he walks in the parasite is drilling him ( where were you? never answered your cell!) He said " I had to stop and get gas on the way home.) The parasites reply was ( you need to call me and let me know where you are at!) She's never trusted my brother and as far as I know he has never given her any reason to. She never apologizes for her behavior. The parasite don't work, clean the house, pay rent, buy food, or help with other bills my father pays. She dam near broke the relationship between my brother and I. She would twist my words and made me the bad guy. The princess can do no wrong, always plays the victim. So my advise to you is be nice to her. See if you can learn anything you can use against her. Oh its hard,really really f!@*#! hard, but trust me, you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. And you don't have to kiss her *** either. Narcissistic people has a hard time not bragging themselves to you or, your telling a story of something that happened to you and of course her story more dramatic than yours! Do I hate her? If looks could kill, she would be dead!