My Sister In Law Is A Control Freak.

Ok so I went through an abusive relationship with my ex husband to the point where I had to leave. My sister in law and brother took me into their home. I was kind of scared because I knew how much of a control freak she is. She treats my brother like crap and talks down to him and tried to tell him without her he'd be nothing. One day I lost my bank card and she found it and when into my account and saw I was getting money deposited in my account it was unknown to her
She got pissed and confronted me saying I'm sneaky and I'm a liar. And how she was struggling and I'm hiding money from her
Im saving because I want to move out because of her behavior towards me and my family.people are entitled to havesome things private I chose to keep my bank account private and not say anything because that money would have been done in a heartbeat if she knew about it. I think its unfair that someone can break into your account behind your back then have the nerve to confront you about your own damn money. She is a money hog I gave her some money and told her not to go over and she did shes been hounding my brother's paycheck ever week to the point where my brother is sick of her. The house we are all living I'm is a relative's of hers and she believe cuz it's in her family she has the right to rule over everyone in it. Because I had lost everything I had left and is obligated to her I hate it and its driving me up the walls.

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1 Response Aug 25, 2011

Immediately change your pin number. I don't understand how she got into your bank account! I would change the pin or change banks immediately! Also find somewhere else to live asap. You know there are shelters for battered women you can go to. Not fun but maybe better than dealing with her craziness!