So Frustrated

My sister in law is a complete nightmare. She cones off to everyone as a sweet wonderful woman, but after you start catching her on certain things you realize. First off when her and my brother were dating, everytime he was about to break up with her, she was suddenly pregnant and going to have an abortion but needed him by her side to support her and take care of her. She has lied to my brother and cheated on him while they were still dating, yet some how they still got married and they don't remember it. She started telling lies about my younger sister claiming that she had caught her and her boyfriend doing drugs in my mothers house, which and had them kicked out of the house just because she was tired of them. She's now pregnant which was an "accident" cause she didn't realize that the first day you start birth control, you can still get pregnant (even though she used to work in the delivery woman center as a nurse at a hospital) and convinced my brother that they should have it cause she "couldn't handle having another abortion". I get it that its hard to have an abortion, but nobody in my family believes she ever had one. She had chosen a name for the baby and about 2 months before her due date, she suddenly decided she has to use the one and only name out of millions that I've picked for when I finally have a little girl, because its been a name handed down in my family. She constantly makes a point to talk about how hard pregnancy is, and uses every opportunity to stuff it in my face that Shea pregnant, when she knows how hard on me and my husband that we have yet to be able to get pregnant. She has wormed her way into my moms heart and now uses and abuses her. Everyone but my brother and mom can see right through her. I just wish they could see it too. I would love to be able to tell her how I truly feel about her, but it would hurt my brother horribly and that's the last thing I want to do. Help. How do I get past this without hurting the people I love?
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So let me get this straight. She's married, wanted a baby, got pregnant, wanted to name the child the traditional family name which usually applies to the 1st born in that generation, gets on well with her mil and likes to talk about being pregnant like all pregnant women do? Sounds like your jealous that she's getting the attention you believe should of been yours.