Jealousy Doesnt Become You

I am younger than my SIL and had our first child almost 2 full years before she had hers. The second our daughter was born she told me that she has the prettiest niece around BUT its too bad shes gonna end up with a weight problem! Nice and classy there. It continued to get worse and she has been jealous of everything we do. They lost their home due to foreclosure, racked up thousands of dollars on credit cards and constantly complain about money! When I was working full time she always told me you dont need the money so quit. Everything with her is about money. Its awful!
DH and I have been married for 9+ years and we have done so much for these users! No thank you cards no emails or anything. She is constantly calling me names, saying that I am spoiled and dont appreciate what I have which are outright lies. Mutaul friends have told me that she bashes me behind my back, says im a horrible mother and i dont deserve what DH and I have. Both of our cars are paid for and we own our house, while they have loans and an apartment. Her kids are unruly and messy and lie all the time! Its soooooo sad they mooch off of anyone they can and its all on how they can get something for nothing.
She is jealous of my kids and has said really mean things to them and then says oh im just kidding. She acts like a 10 year old and always has to get her way! Pretty pathetic for a 40 year old. She used to be a "friend" but after the latest incident i dont even talk to her anymore. Its just not worth it. Shes so damn depressing! Go get some happy pills!
Just bad parenting skills on her mothers part I guess as her father doesnt exist. As for MIL she needs more help than I can even write on paper! I just dont understand why people are so mean to their kids SOs the way they are. She makes my other SIL cry by calling her a spoiled brat and such. These two need a spot in the local psych ward! We live in TX and there just aint many of those!
On the hot days they complain all day that they dont have AC..they never run out of **** to complain about. Both go to church and they lie to the pastor and pretend theyre both model citizens when they have so many issues.
Thats all for now...
1976Charline 1976Charline
Apr 24, 2012