I Never Hated Someone So Much In My Life!!!

She is so annoying she thinks she cute she looks like a clown and it goes like this! She had a snotty attitude when I first mite her and like me am the type of person who gets along easily with everyone you know and down to Earth chill person but she talks about her boyfriend who knocked her up and can't support her she's afraid to get help from him so she ask. Her brother for money (my husband) it's Fu Ken annoying like I even watch her 6 month old son for free so we can be cool and friend but no that didn't work idk know what to do like I can only ignore someone for so long like I don't want to see this ***** again she snotty skinny stupid ***** that smells like a hill of horse **** oh god I never in my life talked like this !!! -_-
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2 Responses Apr 30, 2012

First of all it sounds like your SIL has the following traits.<br />
<br />
1) Manipulator<br />
2) Whinner for she trips herself up...ie gets pregnant from a deadbeat! <br />
3) Expects her brother to bail her out OF HER PROBLEMS...<br />
<br />
HONEY PLEASE if you can talk to your husband for this ***** will do <br />
anything to take from him; for she knows she can. I have a SIL who did<br />
that for a long time, and I had to remain silent and it sucks. <br />
<br />
Discuss boundaries with your husband and let him realize your marriage and ea other come first before others. It is ok to help but the receiving party needs to realize it and be thankful. There is not taking advantage of another for it causes bitterness and trouble between people. The biches like your SIL and mine don't care they are self centered and self serving people. <br />
<br />
GOOD LUCK <br />

Lol I was so upset I probably didn't make since but I need some advice pleas!!