His Ex-wife Abandoned Her Babies

My brother married Avery when he was 19. They were in love, as much as any 19 year old is. They were high school sweethearts, started dating each other when they were 16. Even though she was very different from our family, we accepted her as she was and that Langdon liked her. Langdon graduated and went to a community college went to a local community college and she followed him there. He proposed (unbeknownst to any of us) and they got married. Of course, they fought a lot. There were a lot of fundamental differences between them, and they insisted that love could overcome everything, but their relationship was strained, and it got worse when Avery refused to move to let Langdon transfer to a 4 year college. 2 years later, and Avery got pregnant with my nephew Leon. Langdon started working constantly to pay for baby stuff and medical bills. She had a horrible pregnancy, and a horrible birth. We all love Leon, but we think they probably conceived him to fix their marriage, and that maybe Langdon wasn't part of that plan. Anyway, he was a fussy baby, and a fussier toddler, and she could barely handle it. Several months after Leon turned 1, Langdon had been telling us he was thinking that his marriage was over, but then we found out Avery was pregnant again. She had a girl, Dixie, and found it very difficult to have 2 babies at the same time. She and Langdon fought constantly, and he even spent several nights back home.

When Dixie was 8 months old and Leon was 2 and a half, Langdon came home from his normal shift, and found Leon on the kitchen floor, screaming hysterically, and Dixie crying in her crib. Both were hungry, cold, both had full diapers, and Dixie was wet up to her shoulders. He tried to get a hold of Avery but she wouldn't answer. He called me in a panic, and I hurried over to their house. When I got there he'd already gotten them bathed, into clean jammies, with clean diapers, and he was feeding them. Leon was eating mac and cheese, but Dixie wouldn't eat until I made a bottle for her and rocked and sang to her for an hour. When we tried to put them down, they would scream bloody murder, and we ended up putting the crib in Langdon's room, because the only way they would sleep was if someone was next to them. I slept on the couch and tried to help them maintain a sense of normalcy for about a week. Avery called Langdon 3 days after she left. She said that she just got so overwhelmed, she just couldn't take it anymore.

She was out of their lives for a while. There was some legal stuff, and some long talks, but about a year ago she started seeing her children and having them for visits. They don't get to spend the night with her (and personally I hope she never gets that right). She doesn't seem to understand why we don't like her. She accuses us of never liking her, which is simply not true. If there's anything about my family, it's that they're stupidly accepting of other people. We tried our hardest to like her. But it's kind of hard to like someone who abandons her babies and husband in the middle of the day.
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May 6, 2012