She Is A Sociopath And My So Is In Denial

She has been a compulsive liar since she was a child. She is manipulative and a thief. She stole my SO's checkbook and wrote $14,000 worth of checks to herself. When she was caught she denied it, even though the bank had evidence it was her. To this day she has never acknowledged or apologized. A year after that, she broke into our house and stole a bunch of clothes. She denied it was her, even through we had proof. During this time she spread a rumor that her brother was physically abusing me. This list could go on and on. I feel awful saying this, but I hate her.
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Do you still talk to her? I am In a similar position and don't know what to do

I understand. I have a similar hate for my sister in law. She amazes me. She missed her mother's death because she didn't want her work to suffer. Meanwhile she stranded me without help for 3 days while I provided complete nursing care to her dying mother. The day of her mother's death, the ***** asked me 3 times if "today was really the day?". Three times, I told this knuckle headed piece of ****, "Yes. Today is the day."<br />
The fourth call, was : "Your mother passed peacefully 5 minutes ago". Of course then she wailed in classic histrionic fashion to demonstrate to all of her coworkers how much she loved her dead mother. Yeeeeah. THEN, the stupid ***** plans a "celebration of life" ceremony - that Mom specifically didn't want - a month in a half later to make HERSELF feel better. Did I mention the *****'s desire to have a funeral a month and a half later was to make sure that the funeral didn't interfere with her optional Gastric Bypass surgery???? UNREAL. So now, we're all stuck going to this stupid "celebration of life" ceremony a month and a half post mortum to appease my stupid SIL's guilt for not actually attending her mother's bedside during her DEATH. WHAT A SELF CENTERED DOUCHE BAG. And, what I don't think she'll ever understand, is that her ******* stupid vanity has lead to this massive angst that I don't think I'll ever manage to get over. Every time I look at her thinning body, all I'll see for the rest of my life, is the ***** that abandoned me at her mother's bedside for her own convenience.<br />
What a self centered piece of crap!!!!! I HATE that her actions have caused me to not only live through the actual death of her mother, but rip open those wounds just one more time in a funeral that is taking place more than a month and a half after her mother's death. Now ask me how I really feel.... I hope she rots in Hell. Big fat Hell. And I hope in that hell, she is ten times fatter than she was the day she decided to bump her mom's death for gastric bypass. What a loser user. No love, no love, no love. Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Beth, seriously, I hate you for the way you mentally ****** me in all of this. Those three days at your mother's bedside all alone, were the three worst days of my life. I hope you die alone, *****. I hope you experience of dying without your loved ones at your side. I want you to suffer the way she did. I hate you for the pain you caused this woman who only ever loved you. And I hope you rot in hell with
Satan himself ******* hot sauce straight down your throat.