Where Do I Start?

Hello, I hope all is well here. I am new, so I am feeling out the place :) I am going to tell you my story. I REALLY REALLY LOATHE my brother's wife!! She is so fake it is unreal. She has more faces than the phone book has pages. Let me start from the beginning. I had my 1st child when I was 19. My brother's wife thought that I was going to give the baby to her!! That was 18 years ago. She went and did a bedroom in her very large home in a boy's theme. She just knew I would fail as a mother, WRONG! She and my brother never had kids. She said that they would have a kid when she gets everything she wants out of life. So, they never had any. My dad always made over my kids, it ****** her off to no end because my brother dont get all the attention, keep in mind they are old enough to be my parents, I am the product of my dad's 2nd marriage. My brother and his wife were born at the right time. They got to get a large brick home on a hand shake. Always had new cars, money in the bank, boats, motorcycles..everything. He has job security and she faked a condition to get Social Security and medicare. She did work for a while, then she is now on the government payroll. She claims to not be able to use the computer without having a seizure, it is funny, she lists things on ebay and stays on facebook. She cannot stand to do a job because of her balance, but they go to auctiones and stand for hours to buy stuff to resell. She cannot work without falling out, but can garden and walk her dog for miles. She needs a handicapped placard but can walk around stores on her own two feet for hours. She has taken over land that actually belongs to another family member and boasts on her facebook that it is hers. She is a fake liar. I had a kin person that got murdered and she called up a newspaper to do a interview about how close they were and the kin folk's dad said they had never even been to his house. She brags about all the money she has and thinks she is better than I am. She got all her money by suing a Dr. My brother was gave a house which had been in my family for over 100 years. Reunions and celebrations were held there, now, no one can step foot on the property, it is HER house of course. I did chose the property I was raised on and chose to let him have that place. My grandfather and step grandfather, great grandmother, great grand father all died in that house and on that property. They tore it down and rebuilt it to her liking. She brags that she could sell it immediately. She knows that hurts me because it is a large part of my childhood. She runs with my ex god mother and they get together and talk about me. My brother and my other half brothers and their wives have formed this little "club" together. They have each other's back and have turned on me. Their Mom is still alive, mine is dead. I lost her before I was 3. My dad raised me and my half brothers hate me for that. I cannot help who raised me. Their mom hates me too. I could care less, just ****** me off that they dont have the balls to come to my face and tell me why they all hate me the way they do. I have no full siblings. You know, I hope that they see this and know why I am upset. I hope she reads this and knows why I am upset.
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Ok, I called my dad and talked with him. He in turn talked to my kin that own the family farm. The livestock fences were removed years and years ago. They said, under no circumstances are they planning on or will rent any land to her. My sister in law loves to find memes and post them to her wall that I know are about me. She will not put my name in the meme or say outright it is about me, but I can put two and two together. She is the kind of person who thinks that if she brags on what she has (which she has gotten everything by suing someone, whether it be her insurance, a Dr..etc) She is so broken down she cannot work, but she can stay on facebook or posting items for sale on ebay. She is a FRAUD! She is a fake! I cannot stand her.

Ugghh, I have got to quit looking at what she puts on facebook.. it just makes me so damned mad! It is like I have to keep one step ahead of her. I like to know if she will be at "HER" house on a weekend I go to see my dad. I usually will go that next weekend so I dont see her. I see now that she is posting pics of horses. They have one and a quarter acre of land. There is no way that there is enough acreage for a horse! I have a gut feeling that she is thinking that she will buy horses and put them on my family's land and that will keep me and my kids off the old home place for sure. Well, I will promise her this.. it will not happen. I will talk to my blood family that owns the old home place and tell them how she is. I will call my dad as soon as I get off of here and let him know as well. I cannot let this happen.. the land has been in our family for more than 100 years. If she puts horses on the land, it is over. Me and my children will not be allowed on the property. I know how she rolls. My family's place is my zen. It is my haven, my place to chill. Damned *****.

Thank you aradia11 for your kind response. Things have not gotten any better. They have actually got worse, MUCH MUCH worse. Things came to a head right before Halloween. My oldest son is now 20. He has several mental disabilities. He would never touch anyone. He is a gentile giant. My dad asked my son to put his wood truck under their shed because they left, and my dad thought they went home. Here she pulls in..She starts cussing and putting her finger in his face. He doesnt know how to fight back. She has made it well known that she now carries a pistol. I went in the road, not on her land and told her she needs to take it up with me, not him. If she wanted to square off, we would right there and get it over with. She said she was going to call the law on my son, and me. I got my son safely across the road, I was scared if he even moved that the ***** would shoot him. My brother just stood there and said NOTHING! Well, they left and my dad was fit to be tied. I blasted what she did on facebook. Everyone said that they would be dead or in jail. Her cussing my son and pointing that finger in his face is classified as assault in the state of Va because he is disabled. Well, I have done a lot of thinking. She is not worth me going to jail and being sued over. I told her that she was scared to fight me, and she knows she is scared. She just needs to stay away from me and keep my family's name out of her mouth.

They sound like a bunch of idiots..........they are codependent upon one another. <br />
<br />
The best thing for you to do is keep your distance; you don't need these negative ***** around you. <br />
<br />
If you wanted to do her dirty your SIL faking the illnesses etc. Make an annoymous <br />
call to SS or some authority who investigates these people YOU WILL SEE HER WALLS COME TUMBLING DOWN THEN!!!! I know it would be hard for you since you don't want retalliation. Just a fun idea. <br />
<br />