She's A User And Thinks The World Owes Her.

Where do I begin? She's immature, can't manage her life, and cannot make good decisions. She has two kids and uses them for sympathy to get things handed to her. She's almost 40 years old, is in the medical profession yet she says she cannot afford to take care of them on her own. She lives in my in-laws basement and they basically support her. They have raised her oldest child since day one basically while she blows her money on stupidity like going out after work and hanging in bars looking for men. Life has always been a party to her and she's so immature and shows no responsibility at all. She cries she's a single mother and it's so hard yet she has money to blow at McDs and fast food not to mention bars and other non necessary things. She blows money on her own entertainment instead of using it for supporting her kids and my in-laws say nothing!!! I refuse to help her. Especially after her oldest child told me stories of her passing out drunk on him and having sex with men while he was there and knew what was happening. She's sick, a terrible mother, and raunchy. If my in-laws want to pretend she's perfect and pick up her slack and raise her kids that's fine. I'm not! There is no excuse for her living the way she does. She makes more than enough to support her kids. She needs a good reality check. My in-laws enable her. I will not be a part of that. If I'm disliked because of it oh well.
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YOU SHOULDN'T BE A PART OF THAT! What does your husband think of this mess. You are amazingly half or many years your SIL's Jr. and are 3x smarter! <br />
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Your in-laws are making the huge mistake by enabling her. They should have thrown her out on her A$$ a long time ago! Yes the kids are the tools to get what they want. If you SIL should have some emotional disorder she needs to get it checked out and diagnosed. GEEEZ THE laugh her is she works in the medical field no wonder I stay the hell away from doctors and others.<br />
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