The Aquward Third Wheel

Let me start off and enplane that my husband and his brother are attached at the hip. Which is fine because he is the only one I can stand. How ever my husband has a sister who is joined at the hip to her other brothers wife. They spend all of their free time together. The other brother and sister have family dinners 3-4 times a week. And what is even stranger is they have sleep overs( they only live 5 miles from each other). They also work for the same company, and it is a grocery store. For all of you that don't know that grocery stores have a strange bond with each other. What really makes it worse is that we all have kids the same age and decided to raise them together. I have been married to my husband for 10 years now and I have social anxiety whenever I am around his family. I hate it. I have said passive aggressive things to his sister like i don't want to interrupt family time whey they are all eating together, but it doesn't get through. I want to say something to her but there is never a good time and I worry if I do I will explode. HELP!!!
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1 Response May 14, 2012

First of all it sounds like you have married into a codepedent family. The issue here is IT DOES'T GO AWAY. They were raised this way evidently and that is unfortuately how they shall remain. Do you work? Do you have friends you could possibly get together with once and a while? You need to establish your own life independece and live "around" them. I know this is hard but there are some bonds that cannot be broken. I know this for a fact for I have lived through some cases. <br />
My late BF was very attached to his special needs *manipulator) granddaughter..and daughter not much better. <br />
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Currently with the hub I have now he is also morbidly attached to his sister, thankfully she has gained some independence of her own and has backed off some. Now I just deal with him being as ahole from time to time. <br />
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