Sister In Law Driving Me Insane

I have 7year old and two year old. my eldest from previous marriage where her father passed away. Lucky enough I've remarried and my husband has taken the father role on equally to both my girl's one his. Ever since we met his sister has been nosey, and never made an effort with my eldest daughter. In all honesty I've tried with her and I play the aunty role to her son well when I can. Encourage anything and everything for family time. I finally had enough after the last time we were in same place at same time when I caught her rolling her eyes at my daughter and informed parents in law of what was going, and facebooked don't roll your eye's at my kid again so she knew I caught her but never named her.... My husband is well aware of what she is like and isn't fooled anymore but for the peace of the family I have to keep my shut.. which is bloody hard. As she is the blood aunty to my youngest she dotes over her im not coping well at all. my daughter's are equal and for my eldest she is still blinded by the fact she is ignored but it won't be much longer till she realises her sister is treated different. Husband and I would like another soon too and I feel like I don't even want her in our life let alone go through it all again. Last christmas she went on a holiday as she didn't want to be around the family as I was there and my daughter she can't stand the fact that her parents have taken on my eldest and treat her with love she feels i'm using them. My husband did defend her and me so he was sitting on the fence basically but im not a fence sitter I can't handle doing nothing and tolerating the bull. It's very obvious now we aren't getting along and the worry for me of what she is putting in other's head about me is stressful too. i'm not a weak person parents in law asked me to just to accept that she is a single mum and has her own issues and jelousy is the key factor here and it's not my fault but im struggling with wearing the wrath of her crap too any advice well needed!!!
flukeypoolgirl flukeypoolgirl
May 20, 2012