My Sisters In Law Hates Me

It wasnt always bad with me and my sister in laws who are twins btw. We were good friends while my husband and I were just dating. I know why we're not friends is partly my fault, I had told one of her secrets to her brother who told their dad. She's hated me since and tried to break us up. Even gave me the ultimatum that it's either we stayed friends or move out. We were room mates at the time. I told her I will not leave her brother and she got more angry. Even told her brother all the people I slept with in the hopes that we will break up but didn't work coz we ended up getting married with a little girl now. It's been 9 years and she cannot Did u remember to order the fries? Pls
Tell me u did!let go . I have apologized many times and she just keep saying she is glad I've learned of my mistakes. Even wrote on a bday card my mil made since I was pregnant then to fix things that I should change for the better when we havent spoken in years. She keeps saying I use their family for things but it's not true. My mil gave me a cellphone for Christmas and paid for the monthly charges and the twins were so mad. She keeps saying she knows nothIng nice but Ive given her things on holidays with not even a thank u. Even gave her a bunch of formula and bottles for her new baby and barely appreciated my efforts. I even texted her this past mOthers day and she texted me I'm annoying. My husband sticks up For me and sent her a MSG for being mean to me and she lies to her mom that I was texting her mean messages. I wish she would just let it go for the sake of the family
But she won't.
angpincc48 angpincc48
May 24, 2012