The One Who Was Put On A Pedastool Is Narcissistic And Snobby And Cold.

I will start with the fact my husbands sister chose his wife in the divorce and over a decade later is still closer to his ex than him. His ex btw was a whiny self centered cheater who got $100,000 in the divorce. She actually planed the divorce for three years, they were only married six. She funneled money away into her retirement and racked up credit card debt and was sleeping around for the last two years of her relationship. His friends and sister even knew and no one told him. Granted he was working a ton and in a band and performing a ton but she could of walked down to bar and hung out with him when he was playing, heh free drinks! All the while she didnt clean or cook at all and would only eat vegitarian. Lets just be dirty and difficult. This was who she chose over her own blood.
Now let me preface that with their past. My husband was 6' 5" in noodle in high school and his parents move him to Detroit where he got his targeted by boys looking to prove themselves tough all the time. I'm talking four beat downs and his parents and teachers saying hes the bully was only black kid in the school so it must be my husband. Talk it out. Four broken ribs and lost tooth and lost conscousness later and they still said that. My husband got himself expelled and went to another school. His sister on the other hand was moved to Laguna Beach when she had to go to high school and bought a convertible mustang. My husbands had an ex girlfriend regularly have sex in his house and my husband complained, he couldn't even have sex in his house! His mom said he's ex stays and he could go. He left home at 15 and has fended for himself ever since. Then his sister was put on a peda stool. She went to college till she was 34 with her parents paying for all of it for half of it and room and board for the rest. That 16 years! She is a dietion and makes less than half what my husband does btw. Money well spent huh?
Then we met. His mom paid for her to visit us in Alaska and meet her new niece. She spent an hour with us. Her mom said look at how pretty izzy is and she said her legs are bumpy! That was it! An insult! She also went on with how she hates kids and won't ever have one then she left to visit my husbands ex. Not what his mom had spent all that money for. I was pregnant with our son and she was quite cold to me and her brother.
Then we moved out of Alaska and close to his parents. They got to see the grand kids and the focus was off of her then what do you know she's pregnant. then she plans on leaving the father of the baby the month the baby is due kicking him out of her house and selling it. Going to her parent house to have the baby and filing for full custody the next day! What! And the reason why, the guy she was with liked his hometown and she didn't want to live there forever so let's turn down his proposal and deny him access to the baby so she had options later. Then she stayed because of her job. She wanted the baby to have her maiden name not the fathers, rude again, you do live together. Now the baby is born and it is crying all the time. She was an a cup and she was breast feeding which wasn't working and she refused to supplement for a month! A nutritionist who starved her infant and nicknamed her the screamer! The baby still was under birthweight at a month old. I have worked in a hospital with failure to thrive babies and know a lot about protocol and she didn't do anything but blame the baby for being allergic to something. She also had a vacation to her parents 10 days after the baby was born so grandma ended up figuring it out and giving the baby formula. She still claimed it was an allergy so no one in the house could buy anything that had milk in it while she was there. Which has been a lot! The dad checked to see if the baby really did have an allergy like I said and she didn't. It was just an attention getting method now that she wasn't the only loved child or the pregnant one. So she hates me and her mom is on her side, which I get. after a disastrous Xmas she had visited her parents 4 more times. We're talking 13000 miles here. We swung through on vacation and found all of our kids pictures gone and dozens of her and her daughter oh except my wedding photo which was folded in half and put back in the frame.
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