Why Do I Hate Her So Much??

Ok, so here I go. I have a sister-in-law that is such a *****. She is always making comments about her having more money then we do, how she can go out and buy anything that she wants to and we can't. She always rubs in our face the fact that she has a 2011 Chevy Tahoe that was paid in cash and she has no monthly payment, and we do for a piece of **** van. Well I can only take so much, before I blow up on her, and when I do blow up then I think that it's going to make everything else back with the rest of the in-laws. I absolutly love my in-laws, the are just plain wonderful. I will get more into all of this, please be patient, because it could be a long story.

I meet my husband 7 years ago in a nursing home. (I am 28 years old now, and my husband is 27 years old, and my SIL in 29 years old). I was working in the nursing home, and my husband sister was a resident there. She had a really bad stroke when she was 22 years old, and she got in from the birth control patch. She was weakness on her left side of her body, and she has a little hard time walking. She is getting better day by day, but is very lazy about getting up and walking. She would much rather sit in her wheelchair, and play on her laptop, and watch tv. She is very, very lazy. When she found out that my husband and I were dating she was not very happy, she called me very nasty name in the book, and I didn't care. He stood up to her and told her to knock it off, and stop being a *****. So, things obviously went well and we are now married. Before we got together, I already had 3 children and he has none. So my SIL finally was able to come home, and she built a 1/2 a million dollars house for just her and her son, mind you who does not live with her, because she cannot even take care of herself. She has to have home health services come in daily to help her. She got all this money when she sued the birth control patch company. She ened up getting 7.4 Million dollars, so yes she has money!

Now, I always tell her when she rubs the money into our faces, would much rather live like I am living now, I would rather having to work full time, and living paycheck to paycheck, then live like her. Sure she has a lot of money, but I like getting up in the morning walking to where I want to go, I don't have to have someone help me bath, help me cook, and watch me daily for my safety. I think that she is very miserable with her life and she need to rub i to people that she a lot of money. But it's all good I guess, but the part that really bothers me, is that her son in 9 years old and he hears how she talks to people and she also tells him that they have all this money and he can get whatever he wants to, and he start telling my kids that he has a lot of money, and that he is rich. So no matter how much to talk to in mother and father-in-law they kinda go on her side with it. Do not get my wrong I love my in laws I just think that they feel so sorry for her that this is how they help he out. But I have this really bad feeling that one day I am going to lash out and that will be the end of my great relationship with my mother and father-in-law!!!
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I am so sorry you have to deal with her. Yeah I just bet it burns her *** that she's an invalid and this is the only way to prove she is worth something.<br />
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Can you distance yourself from her slowly, just to not arouse suspicion of your in-laws and your husband?